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  • Artist Info: this layout hasn't been updated since like 2010 and it's gonna stay that way. enjoy the time capsule yall<br />
    <br />
    Formerly known as America Schreave, HollowLucita, Prinsesse Anna, Snowwika, and Mai Kujaku 8D. Call me Ellie, Flora, Carmen, or Raye.<br />
    <br />
    Tumblr :: alfea<br />
    Neopets :: rcticsun<br />
    Roliana :: Pinkie Pie<br />
    Ichumon :: Snowwika<br />
    deviantART :: xElyonx<br />
    YouTube :: xxElyonxx<br />
    <br />
    "Even though things seem to turn out a bad way, there was a reason for it. Even if it seems like there was absolutely no possible explaination, then you aren't being very open-minded and you obviously don't see the reason. I'm not hinting that there is a single higher power, such as a god. I'm merely saying that our lives are dictated by something, and we will never understand that. If the entire human race could just accept that we didn't know what rules over us, then I know there would be no more fighting over religion. We could all just live in peace. I'm hoping when you read this you will pass on this wisdom, as it may one day change the world."<br />
    ~R.I.P. Claude<br />
    <br />
    My Avi Art:<br />
    packhunter247<br />
    Sokushin<br />
    Visual Lolita <br />
    scotch megafleet<br />
    HaHa-Bubble-Blowin<br />
    Nezumi Uchiha<br />
    DirtyChopstickz<br />
    cottoncandypimp<br />
    HellFest<br />
    Czigany<br />
    Junsu Babe Uh<br />
    musicRocksEmily<br />
    Nurse Blissey<br />
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