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    User Image<br />
    before you talk to me, i should warn you: i am kind of strange.<br />
    User Image<br />
    i believe in ka.<br />
    775.296.1426.<br />
    i am, simply, complicated.<br />
    i know much, and i know little.<br />
    i'm a classy asshole - a classhole.<br />
    i'm unique, like you.<br />
    i want to move far away, 'cause the things these people have to offer, i don't want.<br />
    i am none and all of the above.<br />
    i corrupt people for the good.<br />
    i'm either the good person or the bad person, depending on you.<br />
    <br />
    my ears are gauged, my lip & bellybutton are pierced.<br />
    my eyes are hazel. my hair varies between almost every color (currently a faded red).<br />
    yani sahagun is the person i love more than anyone, and he's the one who broke my heart.<br />
    i'm young (turning 17 in october), but if you treat me like i am, i'll think less of you. age is but a number. i'm a living testament to that.<br />
    i'm whiter than paper, and can't tan, just burn.<br />
    most of the time, i'm reading, writing, singing and playing videogames.<br />
    tyler christenson and shalene carrasco are my best friends.<br />
    i'm always wearing a little purple, pink and green.<br />
    i'm a pessimist to the core.<br />
    i can't stand the silence.<br />
    i'm ocd with grammar and spelling.<br />
    my phone's name is caerulean and it has hello kitty stickers all over it.<br />
    i'm better at coping than most adults.<br />
    i'm a sex addict and complete pervert.<br />
    i hate thunder because loud noises terrify me.<br />
    i don't like seeing people in pain, so i'll do anything to help them, even strangers.<br />
    i don't like people who try too hard.<br />
    i hate drugs and i won't let you do them if i can help it. but everyone has different views.<br />
    i've become wise because i've been severely hurt countless times (don't worry, though, i've learned that almost no one in this world really cares), and i've survived.<br />
    i'm probably the most genuine person you'll ever know because i'm not ashamed of who i am. if you don't like that, too bad.<br />
    i’m not a morning person; i'm extremely weak and i have a bad stomach.<br />
    i ♥ summer nights.<br />
    i write poetry.<br />
    i feel at peace when it's raining.<br />
    i love hugs, but only from specific people.<br />
    do not mention knives, razors or cutting to me.<br />
    <br />
    a lot of people claim they're 'insane' or 'crazy' (how that became such a fad, i'll never know), but i certainly know a dark part of my brain is.<br />
    so, beware.<br />
    however, i'm also a very kind and helpful person. loyal, too, if you can put up with me.
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