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  • Artist Info: I'm a vampiric female.I'm interested in the Occult and The dark gothic sub-culture. <br />
    I have no time for people who wish to fuck me around, and have a laugh at my expense. I spend alot of time drawing. <br />
    I dont give a f*ck if people want to diss me cause i think a different way to you god fearing morons. I dont give a shit.<br />
    Also I have a strange liking for weapons, bombs, guns, and metal ect.<br />
    MY FANBOYS - CruxisAngel13 , grotesquecreeple ,<br />
    ------------------------------------------------------<br />
    I'm dead inside yet still alive.<br />
    I'm nothing and everything.<br />
    I'm yin and yang.<br />
    I'm everywhere and nowhere.<br />
    I'm everyone and noone.<br />
    I'm here but I'm not.<br />
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