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    I Love...<br />
    x--------&lt;3--------x<br />
    &lt;3 ... Nice people<br />
    &lt;3 ... Blue and Purple<br />
    &lt;3 ... Seafood<br />
    &lt;3 ... Sour Patch Watermelons!!! &lt;3<br />
    &lt;3 ... Chatting and meeting new people<br />
    &lt;3 ... Being nice and hospitable<br />
    &lt;3 ... Kanata Hongo<br />
    &lt;3 ... Asian Dramas<br />
    &lt;3 ... J-Pop<br />
    &lt;3 ... The Veronicas
    <br />
    I'm random at most times and my mood changes according to what happens in in my life. I love too much music to name them all. I will always love J-Pop and asian dramas, they are totally the best. :] I'm asian, Filipino & Chinese, though I consider myself Filipino and not really Chinese at all. (I am Filipinese for flippin awesome. wink )I love making graphics and I usually make my profiles now, due to an addiction, but I'll probably use someone else's creations when I get too lazy. I plan on becoming a graphic designer and sharpening my skills within the next few years. I am in love with Kanata Hongo, refer to the section below, I just think that he is so adorable and he's awesome even especially when he's pouting or mad! ♥ I have a love for nice people who try to be semi-literate.
    <br />
    I Dislike...<br />
    x--------&lt;/3--------x<br />
    &lt;/3 ... the word "hate"<br />
    &lt;/3 ... people who don't try to be literate<br />
    &lt;/3 ... people who use the word "love" too freely<br />
    &lt;/3 ... VEGETABLES!! It's my worst nightmare!<br />
    &lt;/3 ... Milk... It's my worst nightmare next to veggies<br />
    &lt;/3 ... Dark colors<br />
    &lt;/3 ... People who take advantage of me when I'm being nice
    <br />
    Make me a random tektek ღ<br />
    [x]<br />
    <br />
      ღ OBSESSIONS ღ<br />
      <br />
      PHOTOSHOP -- to be updated ;3<br />
      <br />
      PANDASS -- to be updated ;3<br />
      <br />
      User ImageUser ImageUser Image<br />
      <br />
      This section is dedicated to Kanata Hongo. I wanted to make a special section for him after watching Seigi no Mikata, though, I felt like he should have had a bigger part in the story and wish everything didn't revolve around the older sister. He's currently 18 and every time I check out his website his pictures seriously make me go "awwww..." every time. :] Oh, and he's the only guy I will ever say looks good with colored hair! This is my favorite picture! [ Side note : I totally want his sweater, looks so comfy. &lt;3 ]<br />
      <br />
      His best face is... his angry face!!! He looks so adorable when he's mad or angry. Hehe. :]
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