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  • Artist Info: 1. My name is Elizabeth, but you can call me Shatter or Izzy. Call me Dearest, and you'll look like a dipshit. Especially since my name is no longer Shatterdearest.<br />
    2. I used to be Shatterdearest, but then I decided that I was Shatterbrained. Like... scatterbrained? Get it? Har-har.<br />
    3. Yes, I know I'm copying TravestyIncarnate with the listness.<br />
    4. Because you were wondering, I'm a female in her teens that looks something like THIS! <-- Clickie<br />
    5. I am a literate to advanced literate role-player, though I rarely find a role-play that interests me. If you want me to join your roleplay, go ahead and PM me, and I will take a look.<br />
    6. Aside from that, you'll see me hanging around zOMG! or the MPT.~<br />
    7. My heart belongs to a lovely boy named Dustin. c: (It's been a year!! <3)<br />
    8. If you want to know anything else, go ahead and ask. If I decide you're not a creep I might tell you.
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