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  • Artist Info: nice<br />
    stupid<br />
    gamer<br />
    soccer player<br />
    animate watcher<br />
    likes to draw<br />
    like animate<br />
    funny<br />
    crazy sometimes<br />
    and others=D<br />
    like poems ( peoms are very good =D )<br />
    favorite colors: dark colors and light a little bit)<br />
    black and purple are my main favorite colors. =D<br />
    not looking for a gf not yet<br />
    trust worthy( u keep promise and never tell no one)<br />
    care man ( i care about my friends and my family)<br />
    helpful<br />
    trying learn other language( i spell it wrong )<br />
    and and i need to remember more =P hehe sory
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