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  • Artist Info: Hi I'm Kasceio. Um, I'm sometimes outgoing; I'm always willing to talk to someone new. But I don't always like everybody. heh.<br />
    I like to read, draw ( visit my gallery http://godzilla8tokyo.deviantart.com ^_^ ), watch anime, play games (fav gamestation has got to be PS2), hang out with my friends, ya know the typical stuff. I also enjoy cutting up dead things (in bio, anatomy, and zoology! i'm not a future psycho! lol) but i just like biology in general and finding out what makes things tick. Same goes for people. I like to figure out people, people i can't figure out are my friends. :3<br />
    Music is another one of my big interests. I listen to everything (not as much country, rap and screamo) but right now I'm really into music in other langauges. I liek the texture. It takes something I'm familiar with and adds a new taste. I play viola and bass guitar (a little bit of piano and reg guitar too) And dancing to good music is something i can't resist!<br />
    Ok well I think that's enough about me for now. You can talk to me or something and find out more. ^_~ (plz excuse typos and misspellings)
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