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    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.[br]Feed Me![br]Adopted from Valenth<br />
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    "Where the servant went, nobody knows." - Roshomon<br />
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    Birthday: February 8th <br />
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    Alright. This is about me...so...I guess I will just have to say something right?<br />
    Well. One, I am a person to apologize many times over something. If you speak to me, you will notice that and another thing. I will speak of what I am not and not of what I am. Kind of funny really..well..I guess. I can be random...I love to role play. You give me a good reason to and I will do it. I will help out anyone who asks..if I can lol. I am liked by many (I wonder why...) and hated by many (Woo.) For those who hate me, I tell them to make sure to have a decent reason as to why they do and be able to back up that hatred. My name on here is known as PakiVamp. But some who don't know me or prefer saying my name I am known to as Siviku. I can be nice and I can be blunt. Probably why there are so many people who hate me...One of the things I like is drawing. You name it, I draw it. Another thing I like to do, even more than drawing is reading books. Any genre..I will read it. Lol. Things I dislike....hrm..I don't really think I do dislike anything. Its strange really..I will like even the people who hate me! Yeah..I am weird. Lol. I am one to say niceties and I will give titles. So if you cannot deal with having a title, please tell me or else I will be ticking you off very. Very. Soon. -Smirks.- I like any kind of music. Rather random way of order. But still, I will put it that way. -Laughs.- Hrm...I am of royal blood. I found that out a bit ago. I know some will say I am not but it is whatever...they would just have to accept. I don't know what you could call me for titles...but Paki will do just fine lol. Well..I am going off now, bye everyone! Hope everybody has a good day. - PakiVamp/Siviku_Shingen <br />
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    (A BIG SPECIAL Thanks to the greatest artists on here I know! And they are family! Asher Nightclaw and Mystic Nightclaw. Thank you two so much! Mystic's picture is down below, the one with the uber awesome way of my name and a kickass picture for my PakiVamp character. Asher's is the 3D-like one down below, with the sexeh piccy of my Siviku_Shingen character looking all serious with her sword. Thank you both for your hard work and I hope to have the privilege to see more future art of both of yours! More pics by them will be added.)
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