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  • Artist Info: My Name Is Jami.<br />
    My name was chosen from that other Jami chick in the lost boys. <br />
    My Gaia name was chosen pretty much because my name is Jami and my cats name is Ginger. <br />
    I aint exacly a rich a gaian, however i do like my stupid outfits.<br />
    I love to role play. Check out my journal for things like storylines and characters.<br />
    If you want to be my friend, well, i dont really add anyone i havent spoken to previously. Like in zOMG for puzzle or something. <br />
    Thats pretty much it. So Hope you like my songs<br />
    <<<<<<<<<<<br />
    And hope you like my profile.<br />
    Bye now. 3nodding <br />
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