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  • Artist Info: hiya. i'm jacqueline, and i love oodles of different stuff.<br />
    but, the list is so long you'd die trying to finish it.<br />
    the main stuff is, soccer, food/sleep, friends, parties, and living everything to the fullest.<br />
    love animals!<br />
    i have a fat cat.<br />
    drugs and drinking are bad. drinking is bad if you're under 25, drugs are just bad.<br />
    love music smile <br />
    but, i won't continue because if i do you'll know everything about me and i would rather you ask something about me than read it on my profile smile <br />
    if you want to know, anything at all, just ask. feel free! biggrin <br />
    <br />
    oh yea, and i'm kind of strange. like, verging on ADHD/ADD/random-memory-loss strange.
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