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  • Artist Info: Hi! I have lots to say about myself!!!!<br />
    <br />
    -My name is Talia<br />
    -I am 16<br />
    -My favorite song is Who Run The World (Girls) by beyonce It speaks the truth.<br />
    -My profile is filled with my most favorite anime characters, and all my pieces of drawings I do related to gaia. I am now open for avi art. read avi art info on the long speech bubble to the left of my profile page... trust me... u wont miss it<br />
    -All my BFF'S are on my profile!! (LoveSugarCookies is my only friend in real xD my friends don't really go on gaia anymore. XD) heart <br />
    -I am musical. (like to play piano, violin, piccolo and flute. Love to sing and write stupid songs with my BFF :O)<br />
    -I like to write<br />
    -I like to draw... currently working on the second volume of my manga<br />
    -My BESTEST FRIEND OUT OF COUNTRY IS..... Brandon Biares! :O (um thats his avatar name ^-^" wink <br />
    -MY BESTEST FRIEND THAT IVE KNOWN SINCE... FIRST GRADE IS!!! Selena biggrin or LoveSugarCookies (nickname: Penguin! just cuz shes so fluffy n huggable! we call eachother sisters :O)<br />
    -my favorite show. showS! cuz i have to have atleast 4 that are the best of all is Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Naruto Shippuden, Durarara, and Ouran High School Host Club<br />
    -I love cats eek ... and narwhals.. eek <br />
    -umm thats mostly it...NO WAIT ITS NOT I HAVE ONE MORE IMPORTANT FACT!!<br />
    -u may think im crazy but i absolutely HATE pop. ok so we were playing like this daring game and my sister made me drink a whole cup of mountain dew it was NASTAY! i almost barfed gonk <br />
    -so instead, my most favorite drink is the world is chocolate milk :3 don't hate talk2hand lol whee <br />
    <br />
    I love Pocky and Hello Panda! My favorite treats!! ^^ heart
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