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  • Artist Info: hey, im daisy im a hispanic so if any1 gots a prob wit that u r just to werid. Any way im a real cool person to hang around wit.<br />
    well school is starting so i think it will be boring as usual anyway <br />
    i like to draw. i like to draw real life stuff or anime or watever captures my attention. i like to read, i no that sounds nerdy and all but i like books. if u read any kind of genre of books u can picture a movie is playing in your head..... well that wat happens to me. i like sports mostly soccer. im really arggresive in soccer the reason is becuz i hav to play on a guys team and if i b ther like a whimp i wont last at all so im tuff. no tuff tuff, but tuff enuff to mayb bruse your shoulder. any way i play as defense cuz right hter i can hulmilate the guys. their buddy's will make fun of them and that is good 4 me. I no that sounds mean but if u were or is girl it will feel food if guys make fun of each other when they get nocked down by a girl. i like playing video games, like any mario game or mortal kombat any fight game actually. a little of violence i like final fantasy games or games wer 4 players can play, also the DDR games those r awsome. Im a ferturnal twin that means i look diff form my twin and my twin is a guy he is 1 min older than im am so that sux. i love to chill wit my frends. i got werid frends but they r still cool to hang around wit. My religon is Christianity i lov it so anybody got a a pob wit chirstians well they r in 4 a surprise. well thats it that is pretty much everything bout me. <br />
    ( //) <br />
    _///<br />
    (^_^) <br />
    (u u )o <br />
    /_/_ <br />
    <br />
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