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    You wanna know about me? I will tell you one thing. I am who I am. And I love who I am. If you want to know about me talk to me.<br />
    <br />
    Loved People:<br />
    nehilim: Random Stuff<br />
    Zombie Electrique: Lunar Scythe heart x2<br />
    Ryo_Moto: 40k heart x3:<br />
    Black_Cat_Mew: 740k heart x50<br />
    Methoxy Foxy: Fallen Wish heart x10<br />
    Arsenic Cupcake: Grace of Aphrodite heart x2 <br />
    Rufio The LyonHeart: Angel Imp Potion heart x2<br />
    auroraborealis-pearlrose: Fox Ears heart <br />
    Procrastinating Spazz: Fox Tail heart <br />
    Hymn of the Wolf: Guitar of Angellus heart x10<br />
    Poetry Stifled: Kottan Bell x2, Hidden Ace, The Nightmare, Reve Rouille, Lunar Scythe, Azeral's Trickbox x7, 150k heart x infinity<br />
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