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  • Artist Info: Hi! My name is Emily. I go online pretty often and I am not very rich.<br />
    My sister's acc is CottinCandie Visit her profile if you have time heart <br />
    <br />
    My my, why does your avi still suck after playing since 2007?<br />
    Because in 2012, I quit with a buttload's worth of items and gave it all to a friend.<br />
    My style of playing games:<br />
    Play for 2 years obsessively (Or 1 year)<br />
    Quit<br />
    Come back 2 years later<br />
    Repeat<br />
    I also do avi art and OC art for a reasonable price :3<br />
    Check out my deviantart http://blu3cand1e.deviantart.com/ <br />
    I do realize I'm not the master at drawing D:<br />
    Das it :3
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