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  • Artist Info: hey there!<br />
    so you wanna know about me eh? ok smile <br />
    my birthday is 12~18~91~x-mas rox<br />
    i am a fan of color ~ as you have probably noticed already<br />
    i hate cocky people~ legit hate!<br />
    i love meeting and talking to people~ add me smile <br />
    i use smilies constantly ~ razz <br />
    my avatar is constantly under construction<br />
    i am picky when it comes to my avatar~ perfectionist somewhat<br />
    i am me so i wont change for anyone~ grrrr xD<br />
    i love animals and music<br />
    i was originally an artist~ gave it up :/<br />
    CULINARY~ hurray for food biggrin <br />
    add me if you wanna know more about myself smile <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
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