• 3 years later

    Lilly was growing strong as her mother grew weak.She was now 3 year's old.Which in animal year's is 21.Her mother lay around all day and one day said to Lilly,

    "Lilly,I'm growing weak and can not care for you any longer it's not long until I pass over and you are left by yourself.Go find your own home and leave me here.I taught you well and you know everything you need to know".

    Mary looked at her child and smiled.A small tear fell from Lilly's eye as her mother lay her head on the ground and was lifeless."Mother,I love you".Lilly started to moarn and finally flapped her wing's and took off to find a new home.It wasn't very hard.Before her mother died she showed Lilly a place where all the Pegasus play and rome freely.

    When she arrived she saw the Pegasus field.It was so alive!Tree's were never so beautiful!
    She soared down to meet everyone.There were people there.They all had diffrent type's of cape's they stood for,air,fire,water,and earth pegasus.

    "Hello here you pick what type of Pegasus you want to be.Air,fire,water,or earth.And if you want a boy or girl trainer.They will show you diffrent techniques.Now my dear pick".A man in blue and green asked.

    Lilly replied saying."I'll be a Water Pegasus with a female trainer".

    In a blink of an eye Lilly appeared in a water palace.A lady around the age of 25 was in front of her.



    "Huh".Lilly said. "Hello you must be my Pegasus".The lady answered."My name is Kate and you are Lilly right"?

    Lilly nodded"Where are we"?Lilly asked.'"We are at the training area for water Pegasus".

    Lilly ogled at the site.Kate jumped onto Lilly's back.

    TO BE CONTINUED..................