• His eyes burn through my skin. I can feel him staring. He's catching up to me, i think to myself. What should I do. Should I let him. I want him. I was the one who wanted him to notice me. And I am the one who flirted with him, but why is he following me.

    I started to run that night thinking he was crazy. Thinking that I was sane i ran down that street. Not knowing that I was in for the night of my life. This the story of my outing. My coming into the world as an elite.

    I stopped to catch my breath.... Thank the lord he stopped following me. I turned down Campbell and 47th. Walking towards Claridon, damn I heard him his breathing getting closer. I'm almost home i can make it.

    Thats when I noticed how fast I was running. I was already home, that had taken what 2 minutes. Thinking back I should have realized it then but, I was only 17. He was standing on the corner when I reached my home.

    Yes I beat him....Ha i can rub this in Wanda's face tomorrow. I out ran a guy. Ha Ha. Well time to go to bed. I guess. Why should I I'm not tired at all. I guess that run was good for me. Well... maybe I'll watch some T.V.

    I turned the T.V. on for the last time that night. He entered the house through the back window. My stupid child self hadn't even locked it before I left that night. I shouldn't have moved out so soon. Maybe I wouldn't have gotten myself in to so much trouble. Well I was born to be an elite. I guess it was inevitable. He came in and sat next to me. I couldn't see him couldn't feel his breath. He was the silent killer, well not really, but he could have been. I can't believe I was watching one of those crappy HBO late night porns. I use to love making fun of those. He whispered in my ear, as I do now for the new elites, " Your time has come my dear. It's your time to serve. Serve the creator of all human life. Serve the lover of every man and the soul mate to every woman. You will become the dreamer's dream and the stars of the sky. You are done on this plane you will rise." That's when I felt it.