• The dark and cloudy sky seemed to be a bad omen, and worse when paired with the several feet of snow on the ground and freezing cold weather. It was spring. We were in California. This couldn't be good.
    I sat staring out the window in my kitchen pondering random thoughts. It was my birthday. It had been my birthday when my mother died, it had been my birthday when my first house burnt down, and it was my birthday now. Why was my life so-
    My thoughts ended when I was distracted by the green sky. In the blink of an eye it had opened up a hole and closed. My little sister Laura ran downstairs.
    "Gil, did you see that?"
    "Yeah." I answered.
    "Gil, I'm scared." She sobbed. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her closer.
    "I know," I cooed. "I am too."
    We both stared up at the sky together.
    The sky opened again and flashed, exploding into a million puffs of white cloud. The small clouds spiraled downwards and expanded. Laura twisted her head away, against my and closed her eyes, but i stared up, my mouth wide with awe. As they drew nearer to the earth it became apparent that they weren't clouds, but beings. Like angels.
    One seemed to be flying faster than the others and continuing to accelerate, it slowed quite suddenly and landed in the center of our back yard.
    Its massive white wings settled back and its cloudy blue eyes met mine. It's expression was an indescribable mixture, like gentle hostility. I sprung to my feet and pulled my sister up with me. The being began to walk forward. I turned to Laura.
    "Get upstairs now, go to your room and hide under your bed. Make sure you cant be seen. Be quiet as you can. Now, run!"
    We both ran as fast as we could to our own rooms. I ran into my closet and hid behind a rack of long dresses and curled up. I heard the sliding glass door open and close. I heard footsteps on the stairs and then my bedroom door open. I curled up tighter so my chin was pressed firmly against my knees.
    "I know where you are, Gilraen." Said a masculine voice before my closet door opened. I fainted.