• ****(99.99%)
    It’s been three weeks since the break-up with Reish. I feel... liberated. And... I’ve been dating Ragi, on the sly. We enjoy messing with the rumours that are flying around hospital about us. We like to deny them, and I enjoy listening to the rumours about Ragi and another man. Ragi enjoys denying them, although I’ve seen the video. His relative (cousin, I think) showed me it when I visited his house. No wonder the rumours fly around. But it’s okay – that was explained. Reish had tried to poison Ragi. Raphael was just trying to stop Reish... and mortify Ragi’s sister, Katherine. Ah, that was funny... and rather good viewing.
    And work’s going well... I think. Geez, nearly three weeks of testing these units, and none of the DNA makes any of them work properly. It’s been driving me up the wall. Noone’s been having success. I am part of a small team, with Jessica and Michelle as the heads of the project... they also work on it, but even they’re not getting success. After nearly three weeks, I was curious about my own DNA... and I decided to try. On my three week anniversary of the job, I tried my DNA. I fainted.
    “...ooh, is she alright?”
    “Well, let’s have a look at the...”
    “What? What is it.”
    “She found one.”
    “No way!” Somebody ran out of the room as I began to stir.
    “Yes way...” I sat up slowly. “...I... found one.” I opened my eyes. It was Michelle, who had heard me fall.
    “So I see. How well?”
    “Ninety-Nine point nine nine percent.”
    “Pretty much full... Why?”
    “No idea... I haven’t figured that yet.” I sighed. “But I think it’s about a section of DNA that no other sample has.” I stood up and showed her the DNA profile, pointing to one section. The rest of the team came in... I re-explained my finding. Jessica began clapping.
    “Then the second phase can be tested... can you put your DNA in all of them?” I nodded.
    “Sure.” I began working on them...
    That night, I began to wonder – what was the next stage of testing? For the initial testing, we used a neurological model and simulated the unit’s effect. It just gave percentage efficiency as an output. Usually, the output was between zero and half a percent. However, my DNA got it to nearly perfect efficiency. I wonder... is there more going on that I first thought? I heard a gentle knock on the door. Like before, I chained the door before opening it. Ragi was standing there in the gentle moonlight. I opened the door, letting him in. He quickly entered, ducking into the lounge as I shut the door. He looked... strained.
    “Ragi... what’s wrong?” He put his arms around me, holding me close.
    “I... don’t know. I just had this bad feeling that something was going to happen...” He leant down to kiss my forehead. I put my arms around him, resting my head in the hollow of his neck. He was warm, always warm. We stood there for ages, just... enjoying each other.
    “Speak, Ragi.” I think my briskness surprised him. However... he chuckled.
    “Aah, but what about?” I kissed the bare skin of his collarbone.
    “You seem to have a sixth sense about these things. I have the odd feeling that there’s more... always more...” He backed us to the sofa, where he sat down, putting me on his lap. He sighed, taking a slightly deeper breath than usual.
    “Mirari, there are things the human body can do that are not accepted by science.” He paused, trying to gauge my reaction. I smiled at him. Yeah, I understood that.
    “You mean like your transformation into The Black Rose, and your powers...” He chuckled.
    “Aah, but not everyone can do it. How do you think it works?” I had to think of that one.
    “I think... is it to do with DNA?” He nodded. “Umm, but what catalyses it? The changes in...” He put one finger to my lips.
    “The transformation can only be done by people with special abilities, using a little device...” He held his hand up, moving his index finger and thumb close together – around a centimetre apart. “...that we use to do something that boosts our powers. The transformation is a defence thing... I think.” I furrowed my brows in thought. “We don’t know how the transformation works...” He kissed my cheek before removing his finger and kissing my lips quickly.
    “I take it you have special abilities?” He murmured some sort of agreement before kissing my neck. “...and... what abilities?” He kissed just under my chin.
    “I can sense the future, and I can heal rapidly. By using the little devices, I can heal others.” I don’t think... I don’t think that’s all he can do...
    “And what else?” He paused. I think I hit a chord there.
    “What do you mean...?” I flushed.
    “I... I just get this feeling there’s more...” He ran his hands up my arms, almost cupping my face whist still holding my neck. He chuckled as he put his forehead to mine. “Always more than you say...”
    “I can’t get anything by you...” He put his lips to mine. “...but there isn’t much more to it. The odd event swinging my way, perhaps...” He kissed my lips gently. “...but nothing significant.” He kissed my lips again, holding this kiss longer before parting my lips and letting our tongues tangle. I still had the feeling... there was more to it than that. Ragi began to slide his hands down to my shoulders, and then continued to slide them down my arms to my hands. He then slid his palms into mine, tangling our fingers before using this to gently pull me down on top of him as he reclined on the sofa. He moaned as he put his arms around me.
    “What’s the matter?”
    “You’re too damn cute!” He kissed my neck, almost chuckling. “You’re too damn beautiful, do you know that?” I blushed, at a loss of words. He kissed my cheek. “Yeah, I know. You’re embarrassed. But it’s true, you know.” He slid his hands down my back, resting them in the hollow. He... seemed hesitant to do what he was going to do... He suddenly looked away...
    “Are... are you alright? Ragi...” He seemed to be having an inner conflict. I gently held his face in my hands. It’s wrong for someone so... beautiful to look so pained... “Hey... it’s alright if you don’t want to do anything... it’s okay.” I smiled at him, and she smiled back. I flushed. “...and it’s alright if you want to do something, too. I trust you, Ragi.”
    “I... But...”
    “It’s hard for me to explain... but I know I can trust you...” He flushed and then suddenly rolled us over, so I was under him. He pinned me down pretty hard, and his eyes glinted almost evilly.
    “I could so easily do something bad to you now...” This was true, and he looked like he would... but I saw another flash of colour that said otherwise... I trust the odd flash of colour.
    “But you wouldn’t...” I murmured to him. He then lay on top of me, moving our legs...
    “It would be so easy for me to tak-” I had somehow broken free of his wrists, and held his face in my hands again. His eyes widened as I smiled at him.
    “But you wouldn’t, Ragi. You’re not this bad guy you seem to be painting yourself as!” He groaned, but I spoke before him. “It’s like you want me but are afraid of something... a deep red and a dark yellow... Everyone has desires, Ragi... You can’t really ignore them forever.” Hmm, these words seemed to flow from me effortlessly.
    “But... You don’t... Agh! You can’t understa-” He seemed half angry, but not at me. What in hell is he so upset about?
    “Yeah. I can’t understand. That’s because you aren’t exactly opening up, Ragi!” I tilted my head to one side. His eyes narrowed in thought. “What did you say to me about bottling things up?” I paused – he was still in thought. I pouted slightly. “Talk about hypocritical...” His eyes returned to their normal glittery state, and he smiled warmly.
    “Maybe you’re right... but...” He still seemed tortured as he put his arms around me again... “The world isn’t... Ugh... I-I-I... there is some gigantean reason, Mirari... I... I... just can’t tell you. Yet.” I put his face in my hands. He took one of my hands into his. “I... don’t want to have to keep things from you, Mirari... but... I... You can’t know.” The colours were telling me things, too.
    “You’re afraid of the consequences... aren’t you?” He looked away. Yes.
    “You wouldn’t have the faintest... Mirari...” I smiled warmly at him. And then he gave me one of the most serious looks I’ve ever seen...
    I will slaughter Raphael when I get home, I really will. Yes, I will kill him until he dies of it... like with a rock or something...
    Mi-chan would enjoy this. Raphael certainly must’ve done. I decided to eavesdrop on some of the nurses in the crowd... how long has this been up?
    “...Reish being...? Well, I never knew...”
    “...I know... maybe did he try it with his superior? Dr. Caragiri’s...”
    “...and the murder attempt? Ooh, something’s not right here...” One of the Nurses then saw me standing there looking at the notice board.
    “Ah! Doctor Caragiri!” I turned to look at her.
    “Good Morning, Nurse!”
    “Seen the board? Poor Doctor Reish...” I chuckled.
    “It seems that it’s not his week, hmm?” I put on a worried look. “First the girlfriend, now this... Poor thing.” The Nurse chuckled.
    “Yes Nurse?”
    “Are the rumours true?” I raised my eyebrows, then furrowed them in thought .
    “What rumours?”
    “About you and that... beautiful man. Or... you and Dr. Reish? Or you and his ex?” I chuckled.
    “That man is a relative of mine. Reish is my underling, and he went at me with a poisoned scalpel.” I paused, chuckling. “And Reish’s ex is a very close friend of mine. I, she and Reish all attended the same college.” I smiled. “I was in the year above them.” The Nurse sighed. It seemed as if I’d just shattered some of her fantasies. I’d better not tell her about why I wasn’t brutally poisoned.
    “Ah...” I giggled.
    “I bet you were hoping that we were all romantically involved.” The Nurse blushed a bit, and I laughed. “I’ve heard that before, no worries.” She giggled.
    “Oh... common?” I nodded.
    “Yeah. Even my sister jokes about it...” I rolled my eyes. “Even my girlfriend jokes about it.” She laughed. I think I’ve just shattered another hope of theirs. I feel like a Cullen with all this attention, sometimes. The nurse smiled.
    “Well, Doctor... I’d better go. Duty won’t do itself, eh?” I giggled.
    “Yeah, I’d better do mine, too. Have a good day, Nurse.” She smiled and went off with the other nurses. I quickly whipped out my phone and took a few pictures before heading off for my duties. I’ll slaughter Raphael... but I think he enjoyed himself there. Usual duties were done quickly. Normally I do a lot more talking, and more humour. However, today... I wasn’t really in the mood for it. Everyone understood – they thought that I was worried about my young Doctor charge. I was, but not for the same reasons. They thought I was worried about his job. I was worried about his next course of action. I was right to be.
    “...Right. Hope it clears up soon, Mrs. Ventrice. Bye~.” After my patient left, I began to type up the records. I didn’t get far before I heard a ruckus in the hallway. Three gunshots. I quickly saved it, noting that I heard a disturbance. I had a bad feeling about it... was this something to do with Reish? I heard yelling... I decided to investigate. Another gunshot. But my door burst open before I could stand up. ********. This is trouble, if ever I saw it.
    Reish had burst into the door, brandishing something suspiciously gun-like. And he looked very serious about using it.
    “Stay still, Caragiri.”
    “Or what? You’ll shoot me?” He fired a shot at my feet. “Okay, okay... What are your demands?”
    “I want you to tell the whole hospital about your fling with your patient in the cupboard.”
    “What fling? Reish, I don’t-” He put another shot near my feet. He has a twenty-eight shot magazine in the gun – that gun only had the one type of magazine... well, twenty-three now...
    “MOVE!” I rolled my eyes.
    “What is this about, Reish?” He aimed the gun at my head. “You can’t get a confession from a dead person...” He moved the gun down, and shot at my shoulder. Twenty-two. I dodged, but I feigned injury. May do some good. I winced in pain, groaning and holding my other hand over the site of the bullet. I glanced out of the window. Yes... the hospital was being evacuated. So were the labs next door.
    “Move.” He came closer, holding the gun to my guts. “Go.” I didn’t really have a choice but to move – I couldn’t use my rapid healing in the hospital... and the only person I knew that could properly heal a gut injury wasn’t in the vicinity or knew she could actually heal. Well, I was just hoping that she wasn’t around... she couldn’t be hurt if she wasn’t here. After moving nearer to the door, Reish shifted to hold the gun in the crook of my back. “Yeah, but if I shoot you point-blank here...” He wiggled the gun to make a point. “...you’ll live long enough to confess.”
    “If at all.” He tugged on my plait pretty hard.
    “A he-she like you probably has a low pain threshold... I think you’d probably fold if I broke a finger or two more...”
    “******** you, Reish.” I laughed, if nervously. “Aah, but judging by those photos... I don’t think I should really say that. I might get what I ask f-” He had shifted the gun and fired... leaving me with a large peripheral wound on my trunk. Twenty-one. I couldn’t help but wince in pain as he pushed me along the floor. The gun had been returned to the crook of my back.
    The events of last night were still running though my head.
    ”Mirari, the accident you were in was my fault.”
    “Ragi... that can’t be true.”
    “Yes, it is.”
    He had let go of me then, and backed away. ”Mirari, you were on that bus, in that accident, in that hospital bed with severe injuries... because I couldn’t do the right thing.”
    “The whole thing was because of me, Mirari. ME.”
    I had begun shaking my head at that point... tears were welling up...
    “Yes. It was my fault the accident occurred... I wasn’t able to stop you... Or Ren, and Athe...”
    “Ragi... no. You couldn’t have...”
    I was crying at that point... I don’t know why, but I knew that he had nothing to do with it...
    “Yes. Yes.”
    He was crying, too. And any movement I made towards him, he moved away. “The whole damn thing was my fault, Mi-chan! The whole damn thing! If I had saved you from him sooner, if... if I could’ve... if... damn ETHER!”
    “No... no. NOOOOO! It's... not...”
    I, at this point was cringing and covering up my ears... but I didn’t know why. My tears were running down my face and I didn’t know why. Was this something to do with before the accident? Were my memories returning? I heard the front door open and slam, signalling that Ragi had left. The colours were gone...
    Last night was very informative. I think Ragi knows something I don’t know about myself. Scratch that, I know he knows things about me that I don’t know about myself. I mean, he seemed to be carrying a large burden on himself... Something about me before the accident, and he was too ashamed to come forward... apart from blaming himself for the accident.
    And so, I’m currently sitting in a toilet cubicle in a hospital that’s being evacuated because there’s a mad gunman about. And I’m sitting in the loos to hide from the staff doing the evacuating. Right.
    Well, I’d only come in here for lunch hoping to speak with Ragi. Childish, but I think I’m going to get what I asked for. My gut feeling and a developed feel for colour says so. After all, I have this feeling that this mad gunner thing involves Ragi and Reish.
    I mean, there were some very interesting pictures in the lobby. Some hot man and Reish doing something very naughty in a cupboard. Actually, I recognised the hot man as Ragi’s cousin. So I’m sure Reish could’ve made the same connection. He has access to guns... but something’s not right. Surely Reish can’t have gone psycho this soon... could he?
    Another gun shot. That’s... seven now? I decided to move... for some odd reason... I knew where they were. Ragi’s office. And, I knew where it was. I don’t understand why I know... I just do. So I ran there. It was empty when I got there... but there was a trail of blood on the floor. I could smell that before I could see it. What happen? I peered into the room. Signs of a disturbance – paper disturbed, bullets in the floor and wall, an almost explosion of blood... I figure someone’s badly injured, going by the blood. So why take an injured person away? They’re not being dragged, but pushed or walking... somehow. But where to? I shut my eyes... my side was hurting... and I felt stiff. ...I then saw a location – stairs going up. Is the person being taken to the roof? Why...? This is Reish’s doing. He had a mean streak, he had access to guns, and this is Ragi’s blood. I think I’d better hurry. Knowing him, this is about our break and those photos. I ran as fast as I could. Why didn’t he just kill Ragi? I suppose... this is about a confession. Yeah, he’s big on the whole honour thing... I thought a bit more as I ran up some stairs. Why the roof? I suppose he wants it public. I halted when I heard another gunshot and a cry in pain. Ragi. I think my heart stopped. I felt pain in my other side. Bloody hell, this is bad. Aah, but what about Ragi? I quietly kept going. I could see them above me on the stairwell... I tried hard to keep my distance. Thankfully (or not) Ragi’s moaning masked my footsteps. They got to the roof – I kept in the shadows as I heard Reish announce that Ragi had a confession... they were near the edge of the roof and probably visible to a large crowd below...
    “Doctor Caragiri here has a confession to make.” Everyone stopped... It was all silent. Reish had left a megaphone on the roof... yes, he had prepared this. “About those photos...”
    “I don’t know- Ugh!” Reish had hit him in the side. I think everyone knows it’s under duress. Reish held the gun to Ragi’s neck... I couldn’t stay in the shadows anymore.
    “Matt. Let him go. NOW.” He turned to face me, taking the gun from Ragi’s neck. The megaphone was still on him – and my voice was probably not heard by the crowd. I had a feeling that a distraction was what the police needed to get in without him noticing.
    “Let him go?” He laughed. “No.” He swung the gun towards me. “You are just as bad.” He smirked. “Return to me... and I will let him go.” I swallowed hard. Ragi spoke up.
    “Do... Don’t give... in...”
    “Ragi...” I took a deep breath, turning to Reish again. “And how... how do I know you won’t shoot my best friend after you let him go?” Reish looked shocked...
    “B-b-best f-f-friend?” I nodded.
    “I... remember him...” Then, Reish looked wistful, aiming the gun away from anyone. I took the opportunity to rush him. Bang. He fired the gun in panic several times – I somehow dodged them... when I reached him, I knocked the gun from his hand, and pushed Ragi away from the edge. However... Reish decided to push me over the edge, crushing me against the building’s edge. My top half was over the edge, and I would fall if he didn’t keep the weight on my legs... I was scared... I really was... I hate heights and he knows it... I could see the entire crowd now. I could make out faces in the crowd - Jessica Jones and Michelle Megumi were drifting around the back of the ground. Although it was only the fifth floor, it was a pretty large fall...
    “You b***h! You said that on purpose to get the gun away from me!” I nodded. Yes... ideas were forming in my mind about the ending of this. Not good, either – most of them involving a mess on the concrete below...
    “POLICE! Hands in the air, step towards us.” What bad timing... for me. I prepared for the fall...
    “No! There’s a-” Reish smiled, and complied. As I began to fall, I grabbed him somewhere... and, miraculously, the edge of the roof. I was holding on with one arm, and had to use the other. Reish was hanging onto my legs. I was looking down to him when I noticed two things. One, there was a tree to my right that I could edge to if Reish wasn’t there. Two, I’m bleeding from an arm wound. It was then that Reish decided to climb up and over me... when he got onto the roof, my injured arm gave way... my other arm wasn’t far behind it... The police officers dealt with Reish... I didn’t think they’d get to me in time... I edged to the right, using my other arm when I could... People below were shouting up that I was still hanging. The police officers weren’t listening... I reached as near to the tree I could. I took a deep breath. The police still hadn’t noticed... I let go of the roof, screaming.
    “Riiii-chaaaaaan!” Everything went green as I tried to grab for something... I remember a sort of crunch, and glancing at some older, ashen man... then it went black.
    “...She’s fine. The reckless idiot’s fine. A broken arm, a large bullet wound, a cracked ankle. Oh yeah, she’s also in a bit of shock at the moment. I don’t think she should be in work of any kind for a week or two.” He sighed. “Well, I give it a week or two... maybe three, being honest.”
    “How about lab work?” Hmm, Jessica doesn’t sound too worried...
    “Depends. Because she’s a physicist, and works on nanotech... give it two weeks. She can’t really be in a lab, working with that sort of thing until that wound heals up a bit. And the ankle needs to heal up.” He sighed. “I’ll start on the paperwork...”
    “Thank you, Doctor Palmsmith.”
    “No problem. Good evening.” There were footsteps out of the room. I could hear paper rustling next to me, followed by a rapid scribbling. The Doctor remained. “You know, that was reckless. But heroic.” I opened my eyes. There was a very pale skinned, strawberry blonde man there. He seemed cold, even in a white coat and turtle-neck jumper. Even his hazel eyes looked coldly my way. He seemed so familiar... this coldness... his whole aura... more things made sense... What if...
    “Thank you... I think. But what... how?” He chuckled. He had warmed up a bit. Yeah, I almost remembered this, too...
    “You let go of the building, screaming loudly... I add, falling into the tree. By some miracle you grabbed a branch, slowing your fall enough to let you land on your feet.” He smirked. “I thought you were awake by the look you gave me, but... maybe not. Anyway, it was a good landing – you took little damage, just the ankle.” I blinked, taking it in. This... something like this has happened before.
    “And Dr. Reish and Dr. Caragiri?” He smirked again.
    “Dr. Reish is in custody. He should’ve been in custody today, but he used his cunning and escaped... he seems to have been driven mad. Dr. Caragiri... is still being dealt with.” I suppose the look on my face said it all. He smiled. “He’ll be fine. Yes, you can go and see him. You can’t have concussion... but I put it on the form anyway to account for the unconsciousness fully.” I sat up and moved to the edge of the bed.
    “My ankle? I thought...” He sighed, pulling several tube grip bandages from his pocket and several crepe bandages.
    “I can’t find the nurse who deals with crutches, and I’m not pushing you around in a wheelchair.” He smirked as he picked up my ankle. “And I am not carrying you around.” He had to wrap my foot up, too.“Understandable, right?” I nodded.
    “Very, Dexie.” He sighed, wrapping my ankle up quickly – he was as gentle as he could be. Something that screams ‘Just like the old days’...
    “Try that. It’s very stiff. Should support your weight.” I tried it. Oh sure, the ankle was a little sore, but it could hold my weight. He smirked again. “Just don’t jump up and down, okay?” I nodded. “Right, let’s go then.” And he held the door open for me to slowly make my way to Ragi. Luckily, he wasn’t far down the corridor. Dr. Palmsmith opened the door to his room. Ragi was lying on the bed sleeping. His sides were heavily bandaged – not surprising given the injuries. I hobbled over to his side. He seemed a little pale, and a little sweaty.
    ***(Right-handed Sword)
    “He lost a lot of blood, and it seems that one of the wounds has a tiny bit of infection already.” She looked at him in the way she would’ve before. Nothing’s changed... I put my hand on her shoulder. “Don’t worry, he’ll be fine.” Yes. He will. Trust me. She hasn’t changed since the incident, not in her heart. I decided to probe her mind a bit while she looked over Alex. Yes... she has flashbacks and no adverse effects. The idiot still has no idea that the past repeats itself... but that’s what’s so endearing about her, really. She’ll remember one day, and that day... Isn’t far away. Not far at all. She reached out for his hand, which was by his side. She held it so tenderly, smoothing the skin on the back of his hand with her good hand – the other was restrained by the cast and sling. My ability to read her mind has been flickering... I suppose I’d better push her mind in the right direction... A nurse came in behind us. She looked at me, and at the now brooding Mirari-chama. I suppose... Mirari-chama wasn’t paying any attention to the fact he was nearly in the nude – just a sheet over the genitals. I don’t think she’s even noticed the fact that her tattoos match the one on his chest. They certainly haven’t spoken that much about it, that I can tell. The nurse kept her voice down with this intimate scene... that and she seemed to be struggling with something...
    “...He kept muttering one name over and over again. Dr. Palmsmith – Samantha – had to sedate him a bit more... he just wouldn’t calm down...” I smirked.
    “Was it Mi-chan, perchance?” The nurse nodded.
    “How did you know?” I gestured towards Mirari-chama, who seemed to be... remembering things. That’s the impression I get, because she’s blocking me fully now.
    “That’s her. I do believe they’re dating.” The nurse looked surprised. Apparently there’s been more gossip about Alex floating about... something about ‘hot man sex’... the images were very graphic in people’s imaginations. Yes, I had seen the CCTV of Alex and Raphael. I said that he was a) coerced and b) no actual sex occurred. I didn’t follow it up – I knew full well that he had a girlfriend. And Reish... The pictures on the notice board and the CCTV footage... I deduced that he was willingly having sex with another man – Raphael certainly enjoyed it, too. Yeah, he likes to push the extent of his powers. And so does Kat.
    “Dr. Caragiri is dating her? She’s the girlfriend?” I nodded.
    “Yes. They’re very close. Always have been, since college.” I smirked. “I take it everyone’s been gossiping again?” I chuckled. Rumours around the hospital are common. Mainly about a certain androgynous young doctor lying on the bed and the girl who is now stroking his hand... The nurse flushed a bit.
    “What I don’t get is the change in Dr. Reish... when he first came, he was boasting about this beautiful girlfriend, whom he loved... and then one day, he changed...” I nodded. Yeah, Kat’s been involved. I could see her handiwork in Reish’s mood change and actions.
    “Regrettable... But who’d have thought Dr. Reish would go to extremes?” Yeah, Kat’s had her hand in that, too. Although she said it’s best for Alex to keep away from Mirari-chama... secretly she wanted them to be together, just like the old days. “And look at the damage he caused. I’m going to have to scrape together more funds.” I smirked. “I’ll have to lower my wages if this keeps up.” There was a commotion in the corridor. Some young lady... I gingerly opened the door a crack, peering through. Yeah. Kat’s looking for her brother, with Raphael trying to hold her back. They look very close... Kat certainly had grown more violent over the past years. Less bubbly, more violent. When she was looking the other way, I stepped out of the door quickly, shutting it silently.
    “Miss Caragiri.” She turned to face me. Calm down, he’s fine. She took a deep breath, calming almost instantly. They’re not the only ones to hone their abilities over the years. Yeah, now that I remember more of those times, the more powerful I’ve become. Even Sam, thanks to Ming Li, has grown in power... memory is a powerful thing. But... I don’t understand everything. Mirari-chama isn’t supposed to remember anything... so why does she remember? No trauma, either. And how about Jessica and Michelle? I don’t think they remember so much... but they remember something... Hence their place at Harken.
    “Where is my brother?”
    “He’s in the room, behind me.” She began to walk towards me. “But... he has a visitor at the moment. The visitor’s brooding over him.” She raised her eyebrows.
    “Seriously?” I nodded. “What gives that damn-”
    “Mirari-chama always broods over him when he’s injured, remember?” She gasped. Then she looked down. “Yes, the two are back together. There’s no signs of trauma... in fact, she seems better for it.” I chuckled. “Your plan worked.” She then looked annoyed.
    “How’d you-”
    “It had your handiwork written all over it, Kat.” I smirked. “After all these years, I can still tell. Surprised?”
    “Very. And Sinistra?”
    “Same. She remembers most of it, too.” I smiled. “But Libra and Light do not remember so much.” The nurse suddenly burst out of Alex’s room.
    “D-d-d-d-Doctor! S-s-so-something...” We were all shocked by the next sight. Alex, just holding a cloth around his hips, walking out of the room... his wounds were greatly reduced in size, and looked fine. The nurse slumped... I think her knees had jellified, and she had fainted on her knees. Most people would at this sight – a well toned, sweaty, beautiful young man in nothing but a bed sheet. I’m actually surprised the nurse could stay standing doing her duty... It was enough to make most women and some men swoon. Even the straight men – Alex is androgynous. He himself wasn’t paying any attention to the mess he caused or could cause. It was late at night, and there were hardly any staff around. Probably for the best, given the circumstances. Kat knelt next to the nurse. She’s going to use her powers.
    You’re going to forget that he was healed by her, right? His injuries weren’t that bad... they just looked worse than they really were. You’re going to forget that you saw him like this. You won’t see him as you go and check on other patients, okay?” She sighed. Kat usually does that after that type of hypnosis. “Are you okay, Nurse?” The nurse smiled, stood up and walked away without a second glance at Alex’s sheer hotness. Alex himself shrugged. Yeah, everyone now present has seen all this before. Raphael shrugged.
    “Right, so what’s happened to Mirari-chama?” Alex sighed.
    “She... she healed my wounds and passed out. She’s not used her healing power spontaneously outside log in. She was very shocked...” He sighed. “Well, that and my lack of clothing...” Everyone rolled their eyes. Yeah, that’s so typical of her. The big, flashy, deadly important stuff doesn’t phase her – the little (or not so little) things get her. But, this was a little different...
    “Is she alright?” He chuckled.
    “She’ll be fine. I think.” He looked pensive, almost in pain. “She remembered quite a bit. She’s... happy again. I hope...I hope that I haven’t screwed things up...” There was a pause, followed by the creaking of a hinge. We all looked to the doorway – at the figure that had appeared there.
    “I am happy again... Ri-chan.” Everyone turned to face the door. She was standing there, nearly in tears... “I remember... everything now...” Alex Caragiri looked like he would cry, too. He smirked, despite the tears, holding one arm wide open.
    “Come here, you little miracle...”They stepped towards each other and he put his arms around her. Mirari put her good arm around him, too. “Mi-chan...” And then they both began to cry in joy. Katherine Caragiri and Raphael Senran began to cry, too. Even Samuel Palmsmith had tears in his eyes. When his sister, Samantha Palmsmith came around the corner, she had tears in her eyes too. Silently, Alex backed Mirari towards the door, and into the room. Samuel nodded in understanding, as did Samantha, who rolled her eyes. The group in the hall then walked away, Raphael Senran putting his arm around Katherine. I moved in the shadows of the hallway... no one noticed the shadows moving...
    “We need to put a sign on the door, yeah?” The form to my right giggled.
    “Yeah, but we have no physical form, hmm?” The form to my left chuckled.
    “Ohmm, but we can manipulate things, yah?” I smirked.
    “Indeed.” I made some obscure gesture, locking the door and yet reforming the lock slightly. “Aah, they can now unlock the door from the inside, yeah?” We all giggled. Yeah, this isn’t the end of things, it never is...