• Once upon a time,there was a girl named Little Red Riding Hood.She was raised by talking bears named Papa bear,Mama bear,and Sister bear.Everyone called her Little Red and loved her because she was so full of energy,but they worried about her because she was too curious and full of adventure."Curiosity killed the cat,Little Red." her friend,Cynda Relluh,said."Don't go anywhere dangerous!" Mr.Rumpelstiltsken warned."You should be a good kid and not go anywhere suspicious." Arthur King said.However,she rarely listened to them.One day,Little Red met a boy who was selling three little pigs."Hello! Cute little pigs you have there!" Little Red said."Why,thank you.I really don't want to sell them,but my momma told me that if I don't sell them for a good price,she'll kick me outta the house for good this time." he replied. "May I ask how much you're selling them for?" she asked. "I don't know the price for little pigs.How much can ya offer?" the boy answered.Little Red fished inside her pockets and found a few pebbles,a blade of grass,a bronze coin,and a few glowing beans.She showed it to the boy and he said,"I think that's a fair enough price.I'll take it all.By the way,the name's Jack." Little Red put a leash on each of the three piggies and said,"My name's Little Red Riding Hood,but you can call me Little Red.Nice to meet you Jack." "Well,Little Red,hope to see ya around sometime!" and with that said,Jack ran back home to show his momma what he sold the pigs for."I wonder how the beans were glowing...How did they get there anyway?" Little Red thought.
    While she was walking back home,she named each of the three pigs.She named the smallest of the group,Haystack.The second smallest was named Twig.And the largest of the group was named Brick."I'm going to love you all forever and ever~!" Little Red exclaimed.She didn't notice that the pigs were looking at each other uncomfortably and looking for a way to escape."Momma bear!Papa bear!Little Red is home!" she sang.No one answered."Momma...?" Little Red called out,"Papa...?" She was getting nervous now.She went into the kitchen and found that her after school snack was half eaten.Footsteps echoed down the hall."Is that you,Momma?" Little Red whimpered.The footsteps were getting closer...closer...
    "Little Red!I thought no one was here!" Sister bear said."Where's Momma and Papa bear?" Little Red asked as she sighed with relief.."I don't know,but the place is all messed up.All the chairs in the living room are broken and your special crayons are either gone or chipped,like it's been used by someone..." Sister bear replied.Just then,they both heard a soft rumble coming from Little Red's room."Is that snoring?" Little Red asked."Let's find out..." Sister bear answered.Slowly,they walked to the door and turned the knob.The room was filled with weird and colorful drawings.Little Red's special crayons were all over the floor."My room..." Little Red whispered in disbelief.Sister bear walked over to Little Red's bed and said,"So this is the little troublemaker." Little Red walked over to see who it was.It was a young girl,about 5 or 6 years old.Her head was adourned with golden,round,curly locks and her skin was a creamy white color."She's so beautiful..." Little Red whispered. She reached out to touch the little girl's hair,when suddenly the girl woke up."Mommy?" she uttered,staring at Little Red and rubbing her eyes.
    "Uhm,I'm not mommy..." Little Red replied,"Who are you?" "Goldilocks wants mommy..." the girl whimpered."You should act like her mom.I hate hearing kids cry.So annoying!" Sister bear whispered urgently. "Uhhm...Goldilocks!Here's your mommy!Why did you go in here?I was so worried looking for you!" Little Red said."Goldilocks was following weird person.Weird person came in and took away Mr.Bear and Mrs.Bear..."she replied."The weird person took away Mr.Bear and Mrs.Bear?" Sister bear asked."Yes...Goldilocks went in to find Mr.Bear and Mrs.Bear,but Goldilocks got hungry,bored,and sleepy...Goldilocks couldn't find Mr.Bear or Mrs.Bear..." Goldilocks looked like she wanted to cry."There there,Goldilocks.It's ok...it's ok..." Little Red said,comforting Goldilocks.After Goldilocks went back to sleep,Little Red took her new pets into the living room.
    "What are we gonna do,Little Red?" Sister bear asked,"Our parents were kidnapped!" "I suggest we go and find them..." Little Red whispered,looking down at her feet."What?!?!Are you crazy?That weird person might be a crazy homicidal maniac!He could kill us!" Sister bear shouted."What are we gonna do then?I want my parents back,how about you?" Little Red shouted in reply."Ugh...you have a point...But I'm not going to risk my life!" Sister bear said. "No need.I'll go alone." said Little Red."Hold on,Little Red.If you go,I go.We're a family..." Sister bear said."Fine,we're going to need to take Goldilocks with us since we don't know who her mother is.And apparently,she thinks I'm her mother..."Little red glared at Sister bear,"And I'm going to take my three little piggies too.I don't want to leave them here all alone.Sister bear,you go pack your stuff and I'll go pack Goldilock's and mine.We're going to need food,water,money,and anything else that might be useful in traveling.We'll go in 2 hours." "Gosh,you're demanding..." muttered Sister bear,trudging towards her room.Little Red went back to her room and looked out the window."We'll find you two soon..." she whispered to the wind.