• Chapter 10 - Alyss
    There is cruelty in everything

    I turned white at Sara's confession. She wont! She's ... she's going with me! "Sara... You could never go that way!" My breathing quickened, as though hyperventilating. "I've been.. on crystal." I felt faint. Why hadn't she told me sooner?! I refused to believe the fact she had just stated. "No..! No....!! This is just a horrible dream. A nightmare!" I stood up from my place by the window and ran out the room. At least, I tried. "Alyss.. Wait." I stood between Tetsuya and Sara, wanting to be closer to Tetsuya, to cry in his chest. I was crying, crying silently. Sara's words slashed through me, cutting a deep wound that couldn't be healed. My anger flared suddenly. "What else are you hiding...?! YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME THE SECOND IT HAPPENED! I THOUGHT YOU TRUSTED ME SARA!" I screamed. Tetsuya awoke, and sat up, looking tired, yet fearful. "What in the world....?" Tetsuya mumbled. Sara began to cry too. "Alyss I told you because I thought you would understand! I knew you would treat me this way! I knew all of this would happen! I trusted you and told you this! Isn't this enough?!" Sara's crying became harder, making it hard to make out her words. "I thought you would understand! Understand what I'm going through!" I laughed at her. Those foolish last words that had come out of her mouth had done me in. "Understand?!?! How in the damn world am I supposed to understand?! You don't tell me anything! I try to comfort you and all I get is 'No no.. its okay Alyss! I'm perfectly fine!' but it turns it out it wasn't! It's been 2 years! Now I find out and it's this?!?!" Sara was now red in the face, making her tears look like little fire-water droplets. "I DIDN'T TELL YOU BECAUSE i KNEW YOU WOULDN'T UNDERSTAND! WANT TO KNOW MY STORY NOW?! FINE!" She shot a cold glare at Tetsuya. "Are you going to listen to my part or what?!?!" Tetsuya fumbled and stood next to me. Then she glared at me. "Your first Alyss!" Sara took a breather, and began the horrid story.
    I grew pale, with more tears streaming. "S-S... S-Sara........ You.. you ...! Why...?!" I never finished for I lost my conscious and the rest is a dark hallway, with no light to guide me.

    Chapter 11 - Sara
    In this world..

    With my confession of how I felt, Alyss was very white in the face. "Why Sara... You could never go that way! Your much too kind!" I looked away from her face in shame. "I'm not.. I've been... with .. crystal." I heard her breathing becoming rapid, as though she might faint. "No.. Sara... no!! This is just a dream. Just a nightmare!" She stood up to go out of the room and began to run. "Alyss.. Wait.. Please." She stopped in the middle of the room, between me and Tetsuya. I was not shocked by the fact that she was crying. "What else are you hiding..? You should have told me! You should have told me the moment it happened!" She screamed. Tetsuya seemed to have awaken, for he stirred and sat up. He rubbed his eyes sleepily. "What...?" I looked at Alyss, about to cry myself. "Alyss.. I told you because I thought you of all people would understand what I'm going through!" She looked angry. Her tear streaked face became red. "What your going through..?!" She laughed maniacally. "You never tell me anything anymore! You say its nothing when I ask you whats wrong! You don't consult to me like I do to you! Now I find out whats wrong after so many years! You! You don't understand what it felt to be left out like that!" I stared at her, tears streaking down my own face. My own anger flared. "BECAUSE I KNEW YOU WOULDN'T UNDERSTAND!" I felt so angry. She had been my best friend for so many years, and this was our first fight. "Want to know my history?! Fine! I'll tell you my hell story so brace yourselves!" I shot a glare at Tetsuya. "Are you going to listen or not?!" At this, he scrambled up and stood next to Alyss, looking like an old married couple. "I've been waiting for this moment my whole life to burst out. So don't interrupt before you're hurt!" My eyes darted toward Alyss. "Your first!" I took a deep breath and began my story of hurt and sorrow.
    "Alyss, I've known you for so long, thought I could trust you with anything. But I learnt I couldn't. My mom was fighting with my dad everyday and I cried everyday. I cried into my older brothers chest because he was the only one who listened. He knew all that happened and promised me everything would be okay. I believed him. But he was so wrong. One day I had enough of my parents fighting and ran out in the middle of one. Only my brother knew I did that. I ran to the park and found a secluded place to cry. I cried for who knows how long. I must have looked very pitiful to have been offered a cigarette. I took a drag and it felt better. I took another drag and it felt very good. The man smiled at me and asked me if I was ready for more treatment. I nodded, willing to do anything. He gave me a little crystal. It felt so great I felt like I could fly. Then he asked for a payment. I told him I had no money, so he took something else. I screamed as he pinned me to the ground. I kept yelling and crying out in pain, but no one heard. He stole all my sanity. All in three hours. He said he'd give me a pound of crystal for free, so I took it. He taught me how to use it, and I became an expert at it. It took me a few seconds to get it started. I asked for an extra pound, but he said another payment. But I knew what he was going to do, so I let him. He took the extra mile though. He tore my clothes off of me and forced his way into me. I screamed but couldn't help but feel satisfied. I began to get used to it and enjoy it. I must have been crazy for I told him I'd give him a tip.I took off my bra, and kissed him. I did everything imaginable. It felt great, and said he'd meet me again. Lucky as I was, he was actually cute looking. I put my clothes on and carried the crystal home. My brother was in the hallway, waiting for me. He told me all that happened while I was gone. 'Sara.. Your back, thank God! Once you left I yelled at them to stop. They slapped me and went on. I kept yelling at them and they ended up taking it to their room. It ended up good, with a nasty outcome. We're having a baby sister.' I stared at him in disbelief and took in what happened. I used the crystal and fell asleep."
    "The rest is long too." Alyss and Tetsuya were very pale. Even Tetsuya seemed as though he was tearing. Alyss opened her mouth to speak but never finished her sentence."Sara.. You... you..." The rest happened so quickly, it was just a blur.

    Chapter 12 - Tetsuya
    For light cannot exist without darkness

    I grew extremely white. Sara had been.. so kind. So genuine. But why would she say this?! I soon found out. Alyss fought with her strength, her emotional strength, to be strong and not to cry I would think. For she was not sobbing or whimpering or show any sign of sadness in her voice. It was replaced with anger. "I've ... been... on crystal.." I could hear her hesitation. Of course, Alyss refused to take in the fact. "Just a nightmare! Just.. just a nightmare!" They didn't seem to know I was awake. I was just waiting for the right time. I heard footsteps as Alyss came running towards me. I shut my eyes tightly. "Alyss..! Wait!" She stopped in the middle of the room. I saw that Alyss was crying. She turned, her back towards me. "Yeah?! What else have you been hiding from me?! You could have told me! No.. You SHOULD have told me! You're my friend! I TRUSTED YOU!" I decided to 'awake' at this. "What the..." I mumbled trying to feel limp and tired. They ignored me and continued. Their rant continued for very long until Sara decided to outburst everything. Then she glared at me sitting against the wall. "Well?!?!! Are you going to hear my history or what ..?!" A little afraid, I slipped abit on the floor and ran to join Alyss as the story was told
    A few seconds after the story, Alyss spoke. "S-...S-...Sara... You.... You...! But... I.. ! How...?!" She never finished her words, for she fainted. I caught her mid-fall and felt her pulse. "Her heart is slowing...! Call 911 Sara!" I cried frantically. Sara stared at Alyss, as though I was holding a dead corpse. I ran down the stairs to the phone. I quickly dialed 911. "Hello?! 911?!" They told me to calm down and explain my problem. I found that impossible. "Come..! Come quickly to . to.. " I struggled, trying to remember Alyss's address in the rush. "Come to 1149 on Magenta! My fri- my girlfriend fainted from shock of a confession from a friend. Her pulse is slowing down! Come!" I felt her pulse once more. There was no beat. "Please! She could have died already!" They hung up on me and came in 4 minutes. "Sir, please ride in the ambulance and explain." I told them the story, but not what was in the confession. They nodded and told me to head to the back to ride with the patient. "Alyss.. please..! Be okay..!" I looked at her lifeless face, as they tried to help Alyss. Her face showed no sign of life, and no sign of acknowledgement. "Alyss...!" They told me stand back. "Clear!" They shocked Alyss with great impact. I sat down miserably. A few moments later they were crying out in joy. "Theres a pulse! Theres a pulse!" I looked at them and smiled at the miracle. Shes going to be okay! Shes going to be fine! They looked at me and the doctor's smiles faded just a little. "Sir.. She might not wake up for many days, weeks or months." As I took in the information, I began to cry. I cried my heart out despite the fact that they were watching me pitifully. Alyss was okay, but I may never see the Alyss I've known for years ever again.