• Chapter 1
    Brighter Day

    Thomas Batson sighed as the class bell rang as fourth period ended. Fourth period was social studies. Everyone always goofed around during fourth. This was a difficult class for him to deal with because no one liked the teacher and would always try to cause distractions. Mr. Browning was a large bear, well, larger then most bears anyways. His pale blue eyes would scan the classroom and see every student as if he knew their life secrets. True he was only a High school Freshman teacher, but, he seemed to keep a high level of dignity and expect respect from everyone of his students. Thomas didn’t hate him. He actually liked Mr. Browning a lot. He liked the way the man ran his class. Mr. Browning didn’t take any bullshit from his students. He kept straight to the point of his social studies teaching, making small subjects stretch till the end of the class period. Some discussions would last a day or two, simply because the man liked the subject, and wished to finish it thoroughly.

    His little fluffy tail twitched at the sound of the bell. With a growl, he sighed and snapped shut the History book which fit nicely in his large hand. Pushing back his glasses which usually laid lazily at the end of his muzzle, he gave a sigh and went back to his desk.
    “We will continue on the subject of weather or not anyone could have stopped Martin Luther King Jr. From being murdered tomorrow .” he said bluntly. “Class dismissed” With those words being echoed, the annoying sound of chairs being pushed away from desk was heard simultaneously , and students began to file out of the room.

    Thomas sighed as he stuffed his History book back into his backpack. His long, sleek tail twitch irritably. Today had not been the best for him. Thomas was a brown cat with a black muzzle and black paws and he had a cream colored belly. The tip of his tail was also black. He had eyes the color of burnished gold, with a scar the shape of a crooked X above his right eye. The fur would never grow back properly there. He had gotten that scar from his father. A topic he did no enjoy going into. Not with anyone. He was 5’7 feet tall and weighed about one hundred and fifty pounds. He wasn’t a body builder or anything, he just knew how to keep himself the way he liked, and the way that would keep him alive longest. He had long black hair which stretched down to a little bit above the middle of his back. It was spiked as it went down. He himself honestly didn’t understand how it was always the correct way he wished to keep it after he shook his head around for a moment in the mornings. He sighed lowly to himself as he pulled his backpack on, using just one strap.
    “Freshman year…” he said to himself as he looked at his desk.

    He sat atop the roof of his apartment building, sitting on the edge staring out at the city below him. Beside him, his friend Aron sat, moving his legs back and forth. The two had just finished Middle school that day. Summer break was starting.
    “High school is going to be different for me.” Thomas vowed as Aron dropped an egg over the ledge. It splattered on the side walk, just in front of some grey wolf in a suit. The wolf looked up at them and snarled, then just continued walking. Aron chuckled at the man, and then gave Thomas a small mischievous grin. Aron was an Orange cat with darker orange stripes down the backs of his arms, legs, and tail. His tail tip was white. He had sky blue eyes that stood out against the color of his fur.
    “Tired of playing the awkward geek huh Thomas?” Aron replied with a small grin on his face. Thomas frowned at him, shooting him a hot glare, though soon after, he grinned and gave him a playful punch on his arm.
    “I’m being serious though Aron.” Thomas said as he turned back to the edge of the building. “Next year, in High school, I’m not ganna be the awkward geek anymore. I’m going to make friends, and I’m going to get a girlfriend and everything too. And, I’m ganna get invites to parties too.”
    “The only reason you weren’t invited to Ashton’s party last month is because you had recently told him that his existence in the world was meaningless, and a bunch of other stuff and made him cry.” Aron said as he fought to keep himself from chuckling. “And you were invited to Vanessa’s party, you just didn’t show.”
    Thomas’s blushed slightly at the mention of Vanessa. Aron laughed at his face and shoved him lightly.
    “You’ve had a crush on her since we were in sixth grade Thomas. Why don’t you just ask her out already?” Aron asked, tilting his head slightly to the side, his ears twitching as he awaited an answer.
    Thomas stared at the cars driving by for a moment, then rubbed the back of his head slowly.
    “Well…I-I mean…Vanessa is two years older then me and stuff. It feels weird…” he said lowly, shifting his left foot over his right in an embarrassed way. Aron just laughed at him.
    “Stop being scared. She’s not two years older, she’s two grades higher, and that’s only because she skipped sixth grade. Plus, I heard Travis Denver is dating a girl who’s two years younger then him. And he’s a Senior in High school now, right?” Thomas just sighed while listening to his friend.
    “It still just seems kinda weird Aron and you know how I am with girls…”
    “That’s because you don’t take a chances. You have to! Otherwise things are ganna be the same for you in High School as they were last year. Thomas sighed again.
    “You’ll see. I’ll ask her next year, and I’ll go to parties and stuff. You’ll see…”

    Thomas sighed as he started towards the door to leave Mr. Browning’s class. He blew out an annoyed breath at an annoying strand of hair that didn’t want to stay out of his face. Reaching up, he tugged it out with a wince.
    “Thomas, could I have a word with you?” called Mr. Browning from behind his desk. Turning around, Thomas gave the teacher a questioning look, and then walked over to stand in front of Mr. Browning’s desk. For a moment, the bear just drummed his fingers on his desk. Then, he turned his pale blue eyes on Thomas. Thomas always felt the need to give Mr. Browning the same level stair the bear gave him. He didn’t know why. He supposed it was just to show that he saw the teacher as his equal, rather then his superior. Though, he did feel a bit nervous under those eyes.
    “You know Roy, right? Roy Malcolm?” Mr. Browning asked, a pensive look in his eyes. Thomas frowned at the name. Oh, he knew Roy. He hated Roy. Roy was nothing more then a primitive jerk who tried to bully everyone he could. Especially the geeks. He’d bully them into doing his homework for him. That was the only reason he was passing most of his classes now. The only one he didn’t have a D in was social studies, and that was because the only geek in class was Thomas, and he would rather be bullied daily --Being thrown into the trash or locked in a locker, or just a straight punch to the face. Swirly, when he was most unlucky-- Then help that sleezy a*****e.
    “And if I do?” Thomas replied, giving Mr. Browning a level look. He already knew what was coming. He knew, and he wished he didn’t. He wished Mr. Browning wasn’t going to ask.
    “Well, this is the only class he’s failing Thomas…And, well, seeing as you’re A is much better then his U, I was wondering if you could perhaps tutor him. Just so he can pass with a D?
    “No.” Thomas didn’t like his own answer. Simply because he knew Mr. Browning was serious about his question. “I’m sorry Mr. Browning, but he threw me into a trash bin the other day, and the day before, and the…Do I really need to go on at this point?” Mr. Browning frowned at him for a moment, those plae blue eyes analyzing him.
    “It would really mean a lot Thomas, he’s a decent kid, when you get to know him.”
    “I’ve bonded enough with him to know that I’d ENJOY watching him fail.”
    “…You know, if he fails again, you have to deal with him another year”
    “…When do I start?”

    After a little more brief talking with Mr. Browning, he left the class with a frown. Tutoring Roy Malcolm…That was going to be a pain in the a**. He walked through the hallways, doing his best not to bump into anyone. His tail trailed on the ground behind him. He was tired, honestly. He had stayed up late last night, and now he had to go to a stupid student body meeting with the presidents from every other grade in the school. He had to go to lunch first though. Cutting through the west wing of the school, he walked by the teachers lounge and around another corner. He then started up a flight of stairs. As Thomas reached the top, to his left, he noticed two foxes kissing against the doors to the next hallway, her bosom pressed against his chest. A light red blush rolled over his muzzle, and he hurried along. He didn’t think they had taken any notice of him. He wasn’t embarrassed of seeing them. He did have internet connection after all.
    He had blushed at the fact that for a moment, he had imagined himself to be the fox, and Vanessa, the female fox. He bit his lip irritably. He had been doing that a lot lately. Thinking of Vanessa in that way. Sure he had liked her for a while, but, as a girl to kiss, not…He frowned. He was being foolish. So what if he was thinking that way. It was normal. But still…It made him blush every time.

    As he curved another corner, still immersed in his own thoughts, he ran right into another person heading in the opposite direction as him.
    “Geez, could you watch where your going you stu-” His words caught in his mouth when he looked up and realized whom he was talking to. She had fur the color of snow, and a little pink nose. Her fur seemed to shine in the light of the hallway. She was about a few inches taller then him. Her hair was tied back and the she had let it fall down her back. Her emerald colored eyes shimmered with a light that he had only seen in her eyes. She had slender hips, with a nice sized bosom. It was enough to make Thomas drool, though, he made sure to keep that from happening as he stared at her.
    “V-Vanessa…” he said in a startled tone of voice. He most definitely had not been expecting to see her, though, he had been hoping he would. “Um…H-hi..” For a moment, she just looked at him as he had her, then, with the tip her tail, she flicked his nose and then giggled.
    “Hello Thomas.” she replied in a melodious voice. “Sorry I bumped into you like that. I’m on my way to the principles office to deliver a message from Mr. Shall.”
    “N-no. I wasn’t watching where I was going, its my fault.” She giggled again.
    “Alright then little man.” He disliked it when she did that, but, he could ignore it most of the time. She was a year older then him, but still…
    “You know, I’m having a party tonight. I asked Shelly to tell you.” Her tail swayed slowly behind her. She smelled of lemon bath soup.
    “Y-yeah…She told me..” he replied, shifting his backpack slightly.
    “So, will I see you there?”
    “Come on Thomas. You didn’t come when I invited you in 8th grade. Don’t let me down again.”
    “That’s because you were in High school, and I was just an 8th grader.”
    “Well, your in High school now little man. So, will I see you there?” Her eyes had gained a new light to them, a fierce light, and her eye brows were drawn down slightly. She seemed to expect him to comply with whatever she wished of him to do. He would have to remind himself not to upset her, if the two ever did date.
    “Um…O-ok. I’ll be there.” he replied slowly, still a bit uncertain. She gave a slight yelp of excitement, one of which he didn’t understand.
    “That’s great,” she said with a grin. Leaning down slightly, she kissed him on the cheek and gave him a tight hug which nearly knocked the breath out of him. He was actually an inch off of the ground! He blushed and the fur on his back stood on end. He shifted his left foot unconsciously when she let go of him. Giggling so beautifully, she straightened and smiled at him.
    “See you there little man!” she yelled as she took off down the hallway. For a moment, he stared after her. His throat felt dry. ‘She hugged me…’ He thought to himself. A large grin formed on his face as he blushed. ‘She kissed me on the cheek!’ Grinning like a fool, he continued on his way to the lunch room. He was suddenly even more hungry then before.

    “Thomas, why do you smell like Lemons?” asked Aron a few moment after Thomas had taken his seat next to his friend.
    “Yeah dude, what is that?” asked Henry, another of his friend. “You trying to impress Vanessa by showing her you like lemons too?” He chuckled at his own joke. Thomas gave a triumphant grin and shook his head slowly.
    “Nope. You smell Vanessa. She gave me a hug today, and she kissed me on the cheek too!” For a moment, the two of them looked stunned.
    “No way!” Henry blurted out with a disbelieving look. “Your lying. Why would Vanessa give you a hug? Your like, a nerd.” Henry was a black do-vermin with a brown underbelly. He had a short stumpy tail. He was a Jock, and played running back for the schools football team. He had originally joined to impress girls, but now, he was aiming for a career there. Thomas gave him an annoyed glare.
    “No offense dude. Just didn’t expect it is all.” Aron chuckled. He threw an arm over Thomas shoulder and grinned at him.
    “Our little boys growing up Henry. Getting hugs and kisses on the cheek. Soon he’ll touch her boobs and everything.” Henry laughed, but Thomas glared at Aron. They had been friends for a long time, but sometimes, he wondered if the feline took anything seriously.
    “I’m serious! It did happen!” Thomas yelled, a slight hint of anger in his voice.
    It wasn’t his fault that he was angry. They were the ones who didn’t believe him.
    “Whoa, whoa. Calm down. We’re only joking.” said Aron with a grin. Henry had begun devouring his hamburger.
    “I believe you Thomas. I saw it.” Thomas turned towards the voice, and smiled at Karol. She was an orange tabby just like Aron, with the same stripe pattern and eye color. She was Aron’s twin sister. She smiled at Thomas and then sat down next to her.
    “Wow…So she really DID kiss you huh?” said Henry as he looked up from his food. Thomas nodded with a grin. He looked up when he noticed someone talking towards the table.
    “Hey, look, here comes Toby.” he said, flicking his tail towards the approaching wolf. Toby was a grey timber wolf with a white under belly and golden eyes. He was a Junior, but, he was on the same team as Henry, and Henry had introduced him and now he got along well with everyone else.
    “Hey Toby.” Aron said, as he scooped up a spoon full of mashed potations. “Think fast!” With that, he flicked them towards Toby. The mashed potatoes splattered on Toby’s muzzle. He growled at Aron, who was laughing as he held his sides,
    “Hey there Toby.” Henry said as he gave his team mate high-five.” Toby returned it, then wiped the mashed potatoes from his muzzle and frowned at Aron who was still laughing.
    “You wont guess what happened today.” Henry said with a grin.
    “What?” asked Toby. He had already started eating his food.
    “Vanessa hugged Thomas, and kissed him on the cheek.”
    “No way.”
    “Yeah, that’s what i said. But Karol says it’s true.” Toby smiled at Thomas and then, reaching across the table, shook his hand.
    “Good job Thomas.” Thomas nodded slowly at the praise he was getting. He wasn’t looking for praise, but he supposed he’d have to deal with it. Aron was sitting up right again, though he was still grinning mischievously around the table for more antics.
    “So, everyone here is going to Vanessa’s party tonight, right?” asked Henry, tilting his head slightly. Everyone at the table nodded. Aron threw his arm around Thomas shoulders again.
    “Alright dude, this is your chance to get with Vanessa, tonight. This is your first High school party, so live a little alright dude?” Thomas nodded.
    “Alright, live a little…” Thomas said slowly. The five of them chatted some more, and then ate their lunch.


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