• Fieldtown. A lovely coastal city surrounded by a great wall, for security reasons, logically. The city is well known by the large beaches, historical monuments and the Fieldtown National History Museum. But those aren't the reasons for this story. The reason is in the great hall, having a discussion with the mayor.
    "I can't do it, mr. Nolan. It's unfair to the citizens!" says the mayor, looking at the little roundy creature on his front. This creature is Peter Nolan, the last of the Muszelkin in the whole planet. Peter climbs on the table and, with a whinny voice, says: "Aww, c'mon! You gotta help me somehow! I'm a citizen too and I'm tired of the way you, humans, treat me in this goddam place!".
    The leader of the Fieldtown's Army, Commander Silas, is behind the desk with the mayor and, seeing the attitude of the little complainer, punches him out of the desk. Peter gets up and whines "See? Even Silas treats me like trash!". The mayor just rolls his eyes and stares at Silas in a reproval way, saying: "He treats everyone like this...". He continues "Look, I can't make a law prohibitating the bad treatment against muszels! Things don't go that way. Besides, if were more than, at least, three muszels on the city, I could think about it. And seeing that you're the last muszel on Earth, I can't do anything for you."
    Peter turns away, starting to cry, heading to the exit. He turns back to the mayor, threatening him "Alright, but if you keep pushing me around like this...". Silas snaps and start shouting "What? And now you threat us? I've had enough of this silly game! SECURITY!!!". This instant, two guards pop from behind the exit doors and kick little Peter out of the building.
    Peter gets up from the ground, crying uncontrolably. He wipes his tears, saying to himself: "C'mon, Peter, stop crying! Somehow, this mess will get to an end. Someday...". He heads for the central plaza, takes out his keyboard and start playing a sad tune.
    This instant, a fifteen looking boy sits in the same bench Peter is. Noticing him, he turns to Peter and asks: "Hey, little buddy! Whazzup with you?". Such a question didn't had a good answer. He tries again: "My name's Jacob. You can call me Jake if you want. What's your name?". Peter start telling Jake what was really happening to him. His bad treatments, his social exclusion and more. Jake started to feel bad for the poor little guy.
    Jake tells him "Well, if you want, you can come to my house. I live alone so there's no problem!". Peter turns to jake, with a question mark in his face: "I'm not gonna play the pet!". Jake starts laughing "PET? No, buddy! You're gonna actually live with me!"
    Peter gets shocked but he accept. Both of them head to the downtown.