• It was a new day, the sun breaking through the curtains, the sound of the morning church bells, the thought of school... Huh, there was no school today. So what was I to do? Apart from that, something else caught my attention: my room was empty.

    "What the hell?" I looked around, wondering why everything was missing. I must be half-asleep or something. My eyes shot to the door; the knob was different. This wasn't my room.

    "Where the hell am I?

    { - }

    "Look at him, he's already aware of his surroundings."

    "What, you're amazed? Don't make me laugh. I'll be amazed if he decides to jump out the window once he realizes the door's locked."

    "You can't be serious. I know he isn't stupid, and he isn't suicidal. I did a background check."

    "Hmph. It seems great minds think alike."

    "You don't normally compliment people, you a**. Spill it. What are you implying?"

    "Isn't it obvious? You plucked a random boy from society, without even considering the fact that there were a shitload of people to choose from! For all we know, he could be the very definition of the word 'stupid'!"

    "You watch. I know. He's perfect for the job."

    { - }

    "s**t, the door's locked. What am I going to... Huh?" I noticed something peeking out from under the bed: a box. I pulled it out and opened it. Within it contained two items: a combat knife, and a note.

    "The door ain't opening for you, boy."

    I looked at the window.

    It was the only way out.

    I ran to the window; I could feel my stomach turn. A case of the nerves. s**t. I looked outside, calculated the distance from the window to the ground. About sixteen feet. Not a problem. I specialized in parkour, anyway. I jumped. Now, I only expected to freefall for about two seconds, but that changed; the ground opened up before I nearly touched it and swallowed me. I was falling through a tunnel.