• Chapter 1

    Yusima crawled under the table, hoping to find the last toothpick. She needed it to complete her statue-thing. It was made out of a block of clay, shaped into a sphere, which Yusima was steadying with 4 toothpicks. Her idea was a great one, and it might have worked too. The 7-year-old ducked under the table with no trouble. However, the toothpick was nowhere to be found. She puzzled this, then decided it didn't matter. She got out another toothpick and went back to work.

    Maybe I should explain something. Yusima was a young Saiyan who was odd. She liked to create things and, like normal Saiyans, enjoyed fighting. Yusima was very powerful at that age, so was kept secret from Frieza and the rest of the universe. She commonly used up the resources in her house to make things.

    Yusima stuck it in, then got bored. Now that her creation could stand, she could leave it for now. She went to look upstairs, then thought that there might be something in a unused laundry hamper. She looked in, and finding nothing, climbed in. The lid closed shut and Yusima was stuck in it.

    A few seconds later, Planet Vegeta blew up. The basket turned out to be a shield, which, combined with Yusima's strength, allowed her to survive.

    To be continued?