• You were diferent before, now you are a mutant and people doesn't like you anymore. You were prettier, they said. I am the same, you still say. But you are getting tired of this. They don't accept you the way you are, mutant. Your mind stays the same, but your body changes. Mutant blood is now in your veins. You try everything, but it will never go away. Your body feels the pain, you know it will heal, but it hurts. Your effort doesn't change anything, mutant blood is still in your veins.

    The days pass, and with them the weeks, months and the years. People come and go, you meet humans but you also meet a mutant boy, now you're not alone. You know he will accept you, he already proved it to you. You stay with him and now you're soul brothers, you care for each others. You both grow up together and go to find other mutants. There are various types, but there is one who tries to change you and another who thinks you are beautiful.

    He loves you the way you are, you think, so you will stay with him forever. He apreciates your mutation, says you are more beautiful in your original form. You stay with the new idea he gave you. Your brother becomes his friend, they try to stop the humans. But they have different objectives, one wants to destroy them and the other wants to become part of them. They fight but you choose one of them. He loves you, so it doesn't matter.

    Now you know it. Being diferent is not bad.