• WARNING: for a mature adience only(15+)

    "AAAAAAHHH!" Eaden smiled."Watch em' struggle." I tried to get away, but the two other people
    held me down."Your just a worthless sacrifice," Eaden said to me.He then smiled, showing his teeth.Wait, I said it wrong.Showing his fangs.Some other person hit me over the head.I didn't pass out but i hurt like hell so i just stopped struggling.Eaden then sunk his fangs into my neck.
    fuc-," i yelled, but i black out..


    I woke up.I felt...alive.I couldn't stand up.I couldn't scream.I looked around.i still in the barn where Eaden....ate me.I struggled to lift up my arms.i felt my neck.Nothing.A dream?I built up the strenght to get up.I stumbled over to the door.I tripped, And i fell threw the door.Litterally.
    I went through the door.I did a test.I walked up to a tree.My hand went through it.It was nighttime, a full moon."What are you doing here?" I turned around."Can you see me?" I said."What,trying to see sneak in?" A person said."N-no.Look." I went through the tree."I see." The person smiled."I'm Daimen." Then the person turned into a wolf."Your a ghost."