• ok so i decided to write this personal memory to inspire and help other people that has been in the same position. ENJOY!!!

    alright so i first found myself and found out i was gay and who i was when i was a freshman in highschool and i was nervous at first because i thought that maybe my freinds my not accept me for who i was which i found out later on that was a silly thought because at the time i didn't come out to my dad and tell that i was gay because he defintley wouldnt understand so i kept it in for a long time so i finally decided one day that i needed to tell someone so i waited till that night because everynight me and my bestest friend,yaz, that i truley trusted and loved dearly talked on the phone so i was like "hey yaz what would u say if i said i was gay" and she responded and said she wouldnt care so i told her and she was veryproud that i was brave enough to do that and then through highschool years more and more people knew and yea i faced some tough time from the gay sterotypes people put me in and some discrimination but my friends stuck with me through everything.

    well thats my story hopefully u liked and i hopefully helped some people out biggrin heart