• in freshman year i was at the lunch line waiting for the line to move faster. the food that was in high school was much better in the middle school, after all they had Chinese salad tacos, pb &j and lots more. not like the middle school where it was practically 20 minutes of waiting for a slobbery piece of fried potato.
    there i was waiting and waiting to get my had on the pb&j with cold milk and a crunchy cookie. the perfect meal for a simple but classic lunch of snacks. i look into the food vendor to see the peanut galore. look to the right look to the left...no ones getting it...haha...
    i grab it as quickly as possible but suddenly i drop it...not on the floor but on my shoe...wtf...my first day in high school and i humiliated by my all time favorite snack!?
    it was gross all slimy and jammy...uck!...i'd have to pick it up in front of every seniors and juniors...forget the sophomores...i wanna be in the cool crowd...i wanna impress the older kids...
    now what!?
    what was i suppose to do pick it up?
    you would think...but no i even make a full of my self by kicking it under the vendor so no one would know...gosh...of course by then everyone in the line would know...i mean after the lunch lady yelled at my to pay for the pb&j i just kicked under the vendor...and worst of all the lady took my money and i didn't even have lunch...how could i not be embarrassed...ugh...never again will i eat pb&j at school...after all i learned that its not cool to actually get it. though i'd still eat it at home after all after the pb&j revenged on me with its sticky peanut and butter, i'd show it off by eating it with a glass of cold milk and crunchy cookies.