• In my biology class, my teacher Mr. B was finally going to let the class dissect frogs, I say finally because my old biology teacher said we would and we never did. Before he started, he told the entire class if there were some who didn't feel comfortable doing it and if so they would be doing it virtually. No one raised their hands and so the whole class started doing it. The smell was horrible; it sort of smelled like plastic in a way. In my group we had trouble discussing who would cut it open, I helped of course and looking at its insides was disgusting and that I never forgot.

    The second one doesn't really have much to explain, almost the entire school had to watch a video about kids who were trained to kill, well in the video, I saw a lady cut a chicken's head off. It didn't come off but it ran, the lady held the chicken up and all you saw was a deep cut on its neck and in which disgusted me, it took like a week and a half for me to forget that disgusting scene even till this day I sort of remember it.