• I met the perfect girl in 8th grade.Her name is Katie Crews.We kinda flirted through out most of 3rd nd 4th semester.She used to always bring this small pink backpack to class.
    Every now nd then i would take her backpack put it on nd sing the dora explorer
    backpack song lolz.We started writing notes to each other.One day we really started tlking nd got interested in each other.The day after that i told her how i felt.
    She said she felt the same way so i asked her for her phone number.
    I found out she was'nt allowed a boyfriend.But she said we could be go out in school but we could only txt each other outside of school nuthing else.I agreed to that.We went out for
    3 weeks with only one of our friends knowing.Then when everyone found out
    we were now the cutest couple.everybody thought we were great together.
    We have been going out for a month nd 2 weeks.
    heart Nd i'll never let her go heart