• The decision for who to choose to date is a difficult and over-rated one. Even a girl has no clue what kind of guy could make her happy. Boys come in all shapes and sizes, some are tall and lanky while others are bloated with muscles, but there are three distinctive categories in which a girl can choose from: there are the nerdy guys, the bad boys, and the gentlemen.
    To date a nerdy guy the girl would have to meet certain requirements in order to be eligible. First, they must watch every ‘Star Trek’ episode and movie that has ever been seen by human eyes. Secondly, they must be nerdy too or maybe just have an extreme case of “I pity people too much”. And last, the girl should learn how to make “Chewbacca” calls as to fit in with his friends. Nerds vary from video game obsessed to socially awkward. Sometimes girls can think that the glasses, braces, and acne are super cute, while other girls are swept off their feet by the nerds’ hacking laughter and their only vocabulary being “You’re pretty” ending in more wheezing laughter. To be perfectly honest, the nerds are rarely selected.
    Next up on the list are the bad boys. The attraction is obvious, with bad boys’ muscles, motorcycles, and growing mustaches; girls can’t resist their dangerous nature. The mystery of these boys, which many girls are transfixed by, are being able to talk oddly slow, closing their eyes at random intervals, and tossing their hair left and right so it does a magnificent flip in the air only to land on the opposite side of their face. For girls who are interested in boys who are practically illiterate, then bad boys are the perfect choice for them.
    Last from the line up are the boys who deem themselves men. With their godly looks, angelic features, and the ability to look good in tuxedos, girls fall swiftly in love. As fast as the gentlemen can open the door for her, the girl swoons and melts into the puddles of romance. These men fill the shoes of their girlfriends’ exact image of their own Mr. Darcy or Edward Cullen. They raise the bar in every relationship; girls no longer need to lower their standards because their dream boyfriend is standing right in front of them. With their charming smiles and sense of humor, it’s no wonder why the gentlemen category is usually the most popular for the ladies.
    Overall, the choices are endless and it matters only what the girl wants. Whether it is wheezing laughter, muscles, or men with manners, a girl will choose whatever she deems prudent.