• I was in my Anatomy and Pysiology class when i got a text. The text says she died. at this moment I am wondering who? Did my friemd send it to the worng person? Is she just joking aroung? No.. None of these. She mentto send it to me, and she wasnt joking.... When i got the next text i fell down in the hallway of my psycology class.... It read "Erin died". I would of known this if i watched the news but i dont watch much tv. I got up and walked in class thinking i can hold it together. I rarely cry, let alone cry at school. Plus this a new school what would they think of me if i cried? I got to my seat and exactly right when i sat down i started balling. the teacher told me to go out in the hall and i did.

    In the hall i crueled up. Wishing for me to be home, wishig i had a friend here to comfort me. But since they all go to my old high school where Erin went they are prolly crying their eyes out too. People kept starening at me as i sat there crying. Soon someone in my class came out. He sat beside me and asked what was wrong. How could i possibly tell a strange what had happend. why i am crying; however i did. He said the same thing as everyone did that day "it will be okay, she is in a better place." All i could think is no it wont be okay! How do you know it will be okay? how does any one know?? Then my psycology teacher came out and sat next to me and the guy went in the class. She said that i should believfve she went to a better place. God has a reason for taking her out of my life.

    I dont really believe there is a God. She said how good is life if you have people die in it and only think they are rotting away in the ground? Their body might be but there soul goes on to heaven. I stayed in her class room drawing and writing until it was lunch... Then i went to lunch, everyone i mean EVERYONE was talking about what happend. they were laughing at her. They dont know her they shouldnt be laughing! I got really mad and before i could hit someonethis girl stoped me. She asked why i was crying and i told her. Want to know what she said? she said i shouldnt be crying there is no point... Yes there is a point to my crying. there is always a point. I left her and went to my counceler. i didnt do anything but cry. this is the most ive ever cried at school. crying once school was over i got on the bus sat down and cried. Again... Then people were still talking and laughing about her death. I told some of them to shut up they dont know who they are talking about, they did. Then this guy i guess you can say i had a little crush on sat next to me. He put his arm around me and said the same thing as everyone else. "she is in a better place and we learned from her mistake."

    Erin died when she was car surffing. She fell off and died instantly. I miss her so much and love her. Her and i were friends for 5 years when this happend. I hope her family is doing okay and i do hope someone or a lot of people learn from her tragic accident. R.I.P Erin heart