• 3rd hour: For band, we had a winter concert to prepare for first, then we were able to work on festival music.
    Winter Concert:
    Christmas For Clarinets
    Russian Christmas Music
    We Three Kings (a jazz version of it)
    Festival Concert (got a 2):
    National Emblem March
    Ancient Air and Dance
    Italian in Algiers (the hardest thing I'd played yet)
    4th hour: Geometry was tedious. Homework took up lots of my time.
    5th hour: Gym was hard. I managed to actually run a mile in less than 10 min.!

    I had 3 classes w/ Inviso_girl (Choir, English, and Band). Unfortunately, though, we didn't really get much time to talk because in choir ur singing the whole time, we didn't sit next to eachother in English, and Band we were playing.
    I had 2 classes with my BFFAEITWWWAU (Gym and English). She had middle school lunch because this time SHE was in 4th hour band.