• The Hospital

    It Has Been About,
    Month And A Half,
    Since That Day!

    I Have Been Out Cold,
    For About Four Weeks Or So.

    When I Awoke,
    I Saw Nothing But White!
    My Vision Was Blurry,
    And My Words Were Kinda Slurry!

    I Turned My Head,
    And Saw My Brotther,
    Resting On My Bed!

    Even Though My Words Were Slurry,
    I Stroked His Head,
    And Whipered To Him,
    "Please Big Brother,
    Please Do Not Worry!"

    He Had Finally Awoke!
    With A Smile On His Face,
    He Got To His Feet,
    And Danced Around With Grace!

    The Nurse Came In,
    And Looked At Her Chart!
    What She Told Me Just Blew Me Apart!

    She Was My Gym Teacher!
    And Yes Of Course,
    My Brother Was On His Knees,
    LOVING My New Nurse!

    "What A Preacher!" Said My Nurse!

    I WAs Discharged From The Hospital,
    Two Weeks Later!

    My Brother,
    Had Immedeatly Put Me,
    In An ALL Gils School!
    Little Did He Know,
    This Was Heaven For Me!