• Ok so. I was part of band camp back in my old high school. and We had this huuge heat warning the very same week we were away. Figures our director did not want us to have indoor practice and he made us do our drills in that shiny and blaring hot sun. v.v;
    So, the band parents were nice enough to put this white sprinkling tent for us. But while the instrument people were inside for sectionals, us guard members had to stay outdoors all day. Our captain let us stay under the sprinklers for half an hour, and some of the girls forgot about white t-shirts. xD when the rest of the band came out, most of us were pretty soaking wet. lolol. that very same morning the sr's had put out a paint slip-n-slide so some of us guard members were colorful and soaking wet. ^-^ best high school memory ive had. apart from sr. prank and graduation of course. biggrin