• Once upon a time, there was innocence

    Or so this one girl believe. Unlike her fellow man, she believed that people were naturally good, good would always win over evil and love was forever.

    For years, she truly believed in it, despite all the fighting her parents did, all the pain people inflicted and the evil man walking free. This one young girl held on for so long to what she found true in her heart. She held on, after all the beating her heart took, she still held on.

    She followed her heart in everything she did, and never had a second thought about trusting people. She loved openly and honestly in her relationships, only to be torn down by every single one of them. But she never gave up, never considered giving in to what people told her.

    But after so long, it got harder and harder to hold on. She started pulling away from people, relying on no one for help or kindness. She withdrew into shadows, where she felt safe. With time, she lost all hope in people. She lost the warmth in her heart, the shine in her eyes and the smile she always wore. But most important of all, she had lost herself.

    For a long time, she kept herself away from people as much as she could, all the way up until her high school years. She was cold to everyone that was their, and only talked if she needed something. She was so quiet and alone, watching the world with sad eyes and a heavy heart.

    That all changed one day, when she met this boy. He showed her that everyone, deep down, believe in the good of people, that good would win over evil, and that love would last forever. He took her by the hand and, with time, brought back the warmth in her heart, the shine in her eyes and the smile she had lost. He brought back the little girl that believed in innocence and taught her to love again.

    Now they are living happily ever after and more.

    The End