• “People are people and sometimes they change”[

    They said you’re not good in math so you failed to love it. They said she’s more beautiful so we tend to organize ourselves secretly, because secretly we have desires. They said you’re weird and then you hide it by partying all night. They said you’re not worth it so we wipe our tears with laughter and insults. They said you’re a lesbian so we tend to act as a lesbian. They don’t listen so we talk too loud. They said we’re so irresponsible just because you have greater responsibility with someone else. They said sorry is not enough, so you tend to ignore them. They said it that way, for you to feel so inadequate that you can’t even buy happiness just by watching comedy films, because in our deepest point, we know, we just know, we have something else to tell.

    Sometimes the simplest questions are the hardest thing to answer, I learned that from Oprah, “Why do people fall?” a very simple question that even a kid could answer: Gravity. But the real answer to that question is: People Fall because we don’t understand what is meant by Infatuation and Love, we let force pull us freely without even thinking that there is a tendency for us to be smashed after falling. Everyone doesn’t know that behind every question mark there is a hidden speech. In a crazy man in the street there is a story, and every one of us has its own Hidden desires.

    To speak up, it is something that is so hard. To be true in our own goals is so difficult because people Judge us wrong. In the end you would’ve to realize that judges aren’t the main characters in our crossroads it is US, they are only there because they want us to decide. Change happen because we listen to those ignorant judges that has nothing to do with our own hearts. Change can do magic, we change our personality but when the moment we look up, change is nothing but a wrapper to our True selves. Even the meanest girl has it.

    Sometimes Literary works has hidden meanings, and ‘WHAT IF’ are irrevocably said. Saying our bad words, doesn’t mean it is bad, it becomes bad because people define it that way, but the real thing is; BAD WORDS are those words left unsaid, and when we let it out it causes great impact to everyone. So What If those lesbians are not lesbians at all, they just want to be famous and to be heard? What if those irresponsible people are those who took effort to make someone happy? What if saying sorry is the only key to bring ignorance down to its closure? What if we are really beautiful because we make others pretty? What if He loves you? But you never gave in because you are afraid that judges might strike you, and the thing that you really feel was never said, and happy endings are bound no more.
    So Speak Up, let your words fly, it is never too late.