• two best friends... one boy one girl...
    they first met in middle school.
    the boy tells her how he really feels after the first 8 months into school.
    b: i want to tell you i love you..please dont be all ew, cuz its been a while that my feelings have had thing for you.
    g: lol dont worry becuz i do love you too.
    the boy and girl smiles at each other. they go out and date for about 3 years.
    its amazing how one little accendent can ruin something so great.
    b:-calls her-
    g:-picks up so very tired-
    they got to talking over the phone for about 5 hours and the boy asks the girl if she wanted to break up with him. tiredly she says yes. he hangs up.
    the girl was very confused and sad not knowing what just happened.
    the next day they both go to school the girl waits by the building for her bf. when he gets off the bus he walks right by her not talking nor looking her way. she walks up to her friend and tells her i think i did something wrong. they boy doesnt talk to her for 5 months.
    finally the boy decides hes had enough and doesnt want anything to do with the girl. he moves to another state not telling her where he went. she got worried and worried. she didnt have his number nor his email address. she didnt know how to get a hold of him.
    as 3 years go by she finally hears from him, he saying where he was and he still loved her. he promises her he will come back but as a few months goes by he tells her he no longer cares and that he is getting married to someone he does not completely trust. the last words hes ever said to the girl was "you were the best thing that has ever happened to me and i wanted to marry you, and i admit i made a big mistake. but i think we need to go seprate ways. i love you....bye"
    the girl is still crying about the past being 19 years old taking part when she was 13 years.
    she slowly moves on yet still thinking about him and loving him.