• Long story short : I'm so forgettable that when being chosen for group projects I get chosen last, I got chosen EVEN AFTER THE ABSENT PEOPLE.

    This is another memory that involves a shi*ty teacher. Meet Mrs... let's call her Mrs. Albo. She was my sophomore English teacher. She is so old she's probably from the paleolithic age. Mrs. Albo needed to retire.

    I took Honors English 10, and that class was a waste of my time. The whole year we got practically nothing done. The other teachers had their students starting on their 4th book unit while we were finishing up our 1st. Her grading system made it so easy but you didn't learn anything from it.

    So anyway, getting to the story, at the near end of the year she gave us group projects. Mrs. Albo chose the worst way to put people into groups. She randomly chose 5 people to be "group leaders" and there was only 1 rule to picking people. The group leaders couldn't pick a person to be in their group if that person was sitting next to them. My ONLY friend was sitting beside me. AND SHE WAS A GROUP LEADER. You see where this is going.

    So Sarah goes to pick people, and she tries to pick me, but MRS. ALBO DOESN'T LET HER. So people are picking and picking, and I'm the only one who hasn't been picked yet. Obviously, because I don't fuzzing exist to those people I guess.

    "Is there anyone who hasn't been picked yet?"

    I'm crimson with embarrassment, but I raise my hand anyway. So it's some guy's turn to pick, (I don't remember his name, sue me) and I'm the only one left. But then this other girl says "Oh, isn't Miles absent today?" So of course that guy gets the ABSENT PERSON in his group. But I haven't been picked yet.

    Mrs. Albo asks if there's anyone left. So I raise my hand the second time.

    Turns out there was someone else absent. So someone mentions it again and the absent person gets picked, and they just happened to forget me again. Mrs. Albo has now also forgotten that I'm not in a group, so she goes to sit at her desk.

    "Wait (you frikin dumb oss)" I said (screamed), "I'm not in a group yet."

    I again, beg to be in Sarah's group. AND THEN SOME IDIOT IN THE CLASS SAYS THAT I SIT NEXT TO HER. Like whY. Why oh WHY are you adding to my pain and suffering. There are no more absent people, and finally the next group leader in line gets to "pick" me.

    This is completely 100% ALL MRS. ALBO'S FAULT. The stupid way to get in groups, the stupid rule, and her stupid lazy butt that decided she wouldn't just let us choose groups, oh, and her hag-ness that wouldn't let us just choose our own groups, because it's NOT LIKE WE'RE IN HIGHSCHOOL OR ANYTHING... hahhh

    I freaked out a little. whee