• She was five when he left and went way, Eleven years later still no call today. He was her light and the thing that made her smile. He was gone and not coming back for a while. That light soon faded into tears of blood, all she ever wanted was a father to love.
    She cries from time to time thoughts say why did he have to go. He never calls her anymore i guess she'll never know. she thinks about killing herself but that wont do no good. All she wants is a father to treat her like he should. She use to be daddy's little girl and the thing that made him smile but, the last thing that he said to her was " I'll be gone for a while".
    She will never forget the day her daddy walked away. The day that made her sad, Now she sitting in her room waiting for her dad. As the years go by she grows older. She heading off to school to be a military solder. When she is all alone she sits and cries. She thinks about her dad and how they use to play, praying and wishing to go back to those days.
    A war has started she's on her way to become a hero and save the day. Shots are fired all around. The last thing that she feels is the ground. That night she was pronounced dead, she recived a gun shot to the head. They buried her body, her father showed, there he stood in the back row. At the end of the ceremony he said a prayer " daughter im sorry for not being there, I know I lied and left you alone, I know I should of stayed at home, I love you so much with all of my heart, seeing you like this makes me fall apart, im sorry for treating you like trash, I would do anything to change what I have done to you in the past. Good bye my angel, my princess, and light and I leave you with this lullaby".