• Living to Die

    "I loved him and he left me.
    What am I to do all alone in the cold darkness of life.
    I am left with nothing as I stand here on this ledge.
    There is no one here to save me now.
    I loved him and he left me.
    He left and took my soul and life with him."

    "So you will die for him?" I hear a voice from the shadows.

    "I do not wish to die for him!" I retort angrily.
    "But every moment I live I wish to die.
    I am only living to die!" I cry as I fall to my knees.

    "Then let me help you live before you die." The voice,
    so gentle, so sweet, replies as a hand reaches out to me.
    Two arms hold me tightly as I cry into this person I do not know.