• A dreadful day
    Full of blood
    Everyone is just to gay
    I feel like putting them in the mud

    The blood falls down
    Just like the rain
    I can't help but frown
    When i see a passing train

    This pain that comes and goes
    I must be in a daze
    So much that i froze
    I feel like I'm in a maze

    Trying to find my way
    Through this crazy mess
    Everything goes dull and gray
    I start to stress

    I need some change
    How can i escape?
    I feel like a bird in a cage
    I need to escape with a black cape

    The rain that falls
    The sound it makes
    Its a sound like if he calls
    My soul is what he takes

    This day in hell
    Is pure black
    As they all fell
    I walked back