• a friend deceased and a friend missed are about an inch apart
    both leave my spirit bruised
    and both break my heart
    from the start I assume that we'll both be close forever
    and then my yin half left and with them took the sunny weather
    at first sight they made me king of the sunlight--
    now forlorn I deviate from the norm
    My element's no longer heaven sent I'm now king of the storm
    the wind and the rain are physical echoes of my pain
    the lightning is frightning--
    but yet I embrace it
    because without it there's darkness and I'm not ready to face it
    and every so often I meet your Yin again--
    My sunlight streams out and breaks through the clouds
    for a short moment I'm whole and my soul's no longer cold
    and I cherish these moments- as though the're liquid gold
    because I know the serinity I feel is only fleeting
    so I struck a deal with the devil to stop my heart beating--
    Embracing the apthy and foregoeing true happiness
    I rule my storm and and banish my soul to the mist--
    and then I grasp it in my carbon fist--and it can only escape through my music--
    Only because I miss a Friend.