• Sitting in my corner, Watching the rain pour down
    I'm looking out my window, Not making a sound

    Tears cascading down my face, Matching the rain outside
    I look in the mirror, Terrified at my find

    I see an evil face, I see a demons face
    Staring back at me, I shatter the mirror only to find more looking back at me

    So many different faces, Each different than the last
    No matter how hard i run, I can't escape my past
    (end chorus)

    Running through the rain, Trying to hide
    But that demons face, Is all i find

    Doubts and whispers fill my ears, Everything but the truth i hear
    Swallowed up in that abyss, I'm falling, falling through the mist

    And i cry out WHO AM I, WHO AM I
    and WHY, WHY

    Won't somebody please save me, Won't somebody help me
    Because all i find...(chorus)