• Such pain and suffering life has,
    Of which deep sleep may take away,
    Closing your eyes and shading them,
    So that the darkness of the living
    May not follow you into the dark depths of death.
    Yet still you're enveloped by gripping cold frost,
    That has frozen your time,
    That steals your final memories,
    And spreads throughout the crevices of your soulless husk.

    No air, no life as they wander out of you,
    Eyes now blank as an unwritten poet's paper,
    Yet no aches or feeling course through you,
    As you rest in Death's eternal arms,
    Never to awake to what you once knew,
    Never to move or see the light of day,
    As the overwhelming hands of darkness grasp you by the wrist,
    And drag you into the deepest parts of oblivion.