• Hey, listen.
    Do you hear that?
    It's faint...
    but it's there.
    You don't?!
    Are you crazy?
    Or am I?

    How do you see the world?
    "Black and white,
    There are no colors."

    Would you say something
    like that?
    Yeah, I bet you

    Me, my world is full of colors.
    Splashes of tangerine
    Dabs of magenta
    Spots of peacock green.

    But through the trees of lavendar
    and sunshine yellow,
    pass the fields of baby blue
    and cherry crush flowers,
    I can see a little corner
    with no colors,
    only black.
    And sometimes I wonder
    if that's where you'll be,
    so far away from the colors,
    so far away from me.