• If there wouldn't be a tomorrow
    I would be looking for you.
    Without you, my heart is so hollow.
    when will you notice I miss you too.

    There won't pass a day.
    That I am not thinking of you
    Why couldn't you just stay?
    I miss you, I Love you.

    Eventhough you left me.
    I can't stay angry for always
    Happy I met you, I will always be
    Eventhough you might have told me lies.

    I know we never really touched.
    But in our hearts we did.
    I wonder how far my love would have reached.
    Just to get you back, even if it was just for a bit.

    was your "I love you" real?
    I will try and believe.
    Have you ever tought about what I would feel?
    When you had to leave.

    You'd never see me cry
    you never kept your promises.
    And you never told me why
    We lost our wishes.

    You never really tried.
    To understand what I felt
    I miss you every night.
    I wish I could just hold your hand

    I miss the time
    When you needed me.
    When you could be mine
    There is no more "we".

    I can't hate you
    For what you did.
    But I will love you.
    Even for what you did.