• Axed by a freak would surely be grizzly
    Burning cooks you for the rats nice and crispy
    Crucifixtion,party like romans and jesus did
    Decapitation by a falling tree would be unexpected
    Electrocution from a lightening bolt would shock you of your breath
    Flogged untill your skins ripped off and slowly bleed to death
    Gagging on a chicken bone in your esophagus
    Hung for killing a horse,if you do it in Texas (dont know if thats still law?)
    Impaled is slightly worse then crucifixtion
    Jig-sawed into little pieces numbering a million
    Kidney failures my demise unless i get surosis
    Lynched by an angery mob,where the hell is justice
    Mauled and devoured by a cannibal,you'd be surprised
    Nuked at ground zero,and you'll be vaporized
    Overdose and accidentally set your house on fire
    Poisoned by your best friend so they can ******** your spouse
    Quatered by four horses,ripping off your arms and legs
    Russian roulette is pretty fun after a keg
    Suicides effective,but its overly cli'ched
    Trampled by bulls in Spain,on the streets you will stained
    Unborn your better off then being still-born
    Vivisectioned all cut up,then no one restitching whats been torn
    War is always good for getting strangers to kill you
    X-rays will get you if you sit for a day or two (blah,sucks!)
    Years and years of living and you'll surely die of old age
    ZZZZZZZZZ,is the last sound you hear when killer bee's swarm in rage