• When I look at you
    You're always preoccupied
    With something else
    That's taking up your life.

    I'm tired of being your slave
    I want to be your everything
    But I can't when we're in a hole
    And life's crashing down on me.

    It feels like you're gone
    When I only look away
    I can't stand feeling alone
    Please come back and stay.

    My life feels so empty
    Without you by my side
    It's getting hard to tell
    If I'm really alive.

    My breathing has slowed
    And I can't fight this feeling
    What you do to me
    Is just so appealing.

    You're always so perfect
    I can't help but stare
    Why do I want so bad
    To run my fingers through your hair?

    I'm sick of being this way
    You need to help me now
    I can't stop at this
    You need to be here somehow.